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When Courage isn’t Enough!

Its time to “Think Big” When courage isn’t enough, its time to think big! It requires confidence to help you take risks, to take you out of your comfort zone. Trust yourself and believe in what your end goal is. Furthermore, it is what sets you up to be different from the rest, to achieve…

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Two Steps Forward and One Step Back!

When we go two steps forward and one step back.. How many times have you heard the expression of two steps forward and one step back? We all know that life is a journey! However its not about the destination but what happens if we dont keep our eye on the destination? Its easy to…

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Lead with the End in Mind!

Lead with the End in Mind.. As a Health and Wellness expert and leader, I have always led with the end in mind. Consequently, I talk a lot around the importance of factoring in self care, good food, sunshine, fresh air, laughter, exercise, clean water and a work life balance. Consider how these practices will…

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Dare to be Different-Be Bold!

Be Different

Going against the norms gives ourself permission to explore new ideas, attitudes, concepts to “think outside of the box”. Daring to be bold and different challenges our thinking, creating space to provide different perspectives. When We Dare To Be Different When we dare to be different we give ourself permission to be authentic. To allow…

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