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About Me

Hi, I'm Joan and thanks for stopping by!

With over 20 years of clinical experience and 15 years in corporate leadership, it has always been my mission to make a difference and create change.

Let me take you on a bit of a journey to how I have become known as Intuitive Health and Business Mentor.


Getting to know Joan

As a Registered Nurse (Bachelor of Health Science with a Postgraduate in Mental Health), I have worked in intensive care, surgical neurology, casualty, and mental health in hospitals throughout Australia, as well as the Royal Flying Doctors.  I feel honoured to be able to help those in their time of need.

I found myself being called to integrate other modalities into my scope of practice such as a Diploma of Naturopathy, Reiki Master attainment and a Diploma in Business Management.  Coupled with my high intuitive abilities, I realised that I could work with people’s energies and revitalise them to increase their vibration to help them heal and see life with clarity and purpose.

I was approached to lead a team in OH&S for several years at Stradbroke Island which was pure paradise. I enjoyed the unknown of each day, not knowing what rescue or assistance would be required married with the tranquillity of the environment. When I first started out in OHS, it was in the days where there was a focus on the safety side of the business, not such much the health. I pride myself in shifting the mindset, focus and response to health awareness during these times when OH&S was just in its infancy.

I realised that I was feeling a little bit too comfortable in this role on Stradbroke Island, and knew that I was being called to make a difference in other industries, particularly the resources sector (and male dominated environments), where I went on to work in leadership positions for BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto Alcan, Anglo American, Arrow Energy, and QGC.

Working for global corporations as Head of Health, I was responsible for leading large teams, developing entire functions of health models and assets, and managing budgets in excess of $20million dollars to provide transformative results, both personally and professionally.

Throughout all of this, like many women, I was trying to precariously balance motherhood on my own with my two children.  I was also trying to help my daughter transition into adulthood, nurse my Mother until she passed, and I then found myself responsible for my ailing Father who required high care. I know what it is like to wear the many hats of being female and have a high level of empathy and care with those who may be experiencing the overwhelm of juggling all of this.

Working for global resource giants was an impactful and life changing experience, particularly being able to help women in such a male dominated industry. I am aware of (and have experienced first-hand) the bullying and sexual harassment that women face, and I became restless in wanting to release the organisational constraints so that I could help in a truly transformative and holistic way.

This is what prompted me to create my legacy by starting my own transformational health and wellness business. Now I consult to heart-centric organisations to help implement their health programs as well as mentoring and female leaders and entrepreneurs. I help women to revamp their health and put the spark back into their life, career and business.


What I do

I take people on a journey to create personal transformation to “Unlock Your Unique Code.” (TM). This is where we discover your mental, physical, and emotional levels, that allows you to go within to find out who you are and gently awaken to create the shift that you have been seeking. By unlocking your unique code enables healing, balance, revitalisation, and awakening to step into your personal power and be your best self with a rock-solid foundation.

Using conventional and energetic tools I help you to tap into your intuition, listen to your gut and to make decisions as you align to your soul's blueprint.  I provide you with the foundational tools so that together we discover what you are truly capable of through finding your unique code.

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What is ‘Unlocking Your Unique Code?’ ™

A code is unpacking a person’s true identity through being honest with who they are, and who they want to be. It is opening themselves up to that there is a greater power within them that includes vibration, energy and learning how to master that energy to build on your values and beliefs. This amplifies the essence and enlightenment that comes through when you can see and feel the bigger vision. Your world becomes expansive, yet you are present as you step into your personal power and best self.

Some of the things that unlocks personal power are:

Self-compassion, simplicity, values, balance, world of possibility, agile mindset, energy, vibration, identity, intuition, purpose, healing, clarity, vitality, and flexibility.

I will go through with you to identify each code that when it is all combined provides you with a powerful, unique plan that is personalised to you.  This is YOUR code to success and being your best self.

I think of my role in how I help others is like being a master key.

I assist female leaders and entreupreneurs unlock their unique code, activate their intuitive powers to gain clarity on their soul's path through prioritising health, wellbeing and energy management.

I pride myself on having decades of experience with a strong background in health and wellness, coupled with my substantial qualifications. My senior leadership positions with world leading organisations, as well as a mix of Eastern and Western philosophies, I can work on a subliminal level with a persons’ energies to rebalance, reenergise, revitalise, and increase their vibration.  I have a robust foundation that allows you to be empowered to do the work so that you can maintain, flourish, and amplify your energy. What I find in my industry is that there is many different levels of health and wellness practitioners. I see everyone holistically across all facets of health, exercise, nutrition, and wellness through to energy management and wealth abundance.


Here's what some clients are saying....


“I have been working with Joan to support me in levelling up my health and wellbeing. Being a female business owner, speaking, traveling, running workshops and coaching easily depletes energy stores quickly so I really wanted to work with someone who understands the type of business I was running, the pressure of high performance and who understands me.  We have just started, and I am already noticing a shift in my energy and focus.  Her holistic and balanced approach has also helped me to identify some areas in my business that I want to show up more in and put strategies in place to have the energy to do that. I am so grateful to have Joan in my corner and can highly recommend her to other business owner, leaders and especially women trying to juggle it all!”

Jane Anderson, CSP.

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