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Authentic Leadership Builds Trust!

Authentic leadership builds trust and transformation happens. Research shows that when you work on an emotional level (heart based) and a logical level (mind based) you use both your left and right side of your brain. Due to this your thinking becomes full spectrum. Most noteworthy, when you balance both hard and soft skills. You…

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Hiding in the Shadows!

How many times have you found yourself hiding in the shadows! Just “going with the flow”. Hiding in the shadows keeps you safe. Ultimately to reach your potential and achieve your purpose requires no more hiding in the shadows! Time to Show Up! Female leaders now have an opportunity to “Show Up’. Challenge the norms…

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Obstacles Along the Way!

How often do we meet obstacles along the way? They hold us back! By creating a balanced platform in the workplace. Friction points are reduced. Leads to a more agile and flexible environment. Clarity creates a path to find ways through and around the obstacles. The Labyrinth Obstacles for female leaders in the resources sector…

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