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Episode 1: Shifting the focus to your health & wellness

Health and self-care are paramount in any profession, not least of all the mining and resources sector due to the obligatory long hours and physicality of the work. For some time now, the nature of this sector has led to resistance to the investment of sufficient time and resources in occupational health and safety. Joan McEwan, is one of the pioneers of change in this area advocating for health and wellness, particularly for female leaders in the mining and resources industry.

In this episode of our special Courage in a Crisis series, Jane interviews the amazing Joan McEwan.

Joan is a Transformational Health & Wellness Expert who is passionate about mentoring her clients to reach their potential by connecting on an emotional and physical level.

Her focus is to show her clients how they can create a balance between their mental and physical health to create a rock-solid foundation.

Joan share's her insights and expertise on how we can take a holistic approach to caring for ourselves and our mental and physical health during a time of crisis and challenge.

If you are finding managing your personal health and wellbeing a challenge, this interview is essential listening.

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