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What Do You Want To Be Remembered For?

Leaving a Legacy! How important is it to leave a legacy? Above all what do you want to be remembered for? In other words to understand our purpose! Travel our journey sharing our “genius”. Realise how important this is and the benefits. It provides many things. Inspiration, influence, change, opportunities, options and so much more.…

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Back to Basics to Reset and Redesign!

“In times of life crisis whether wild fires or smouldering stress,the first thing I do is go back to the basics…. Am I eating right?Am I getting enough sleep?Am I getting some physical and mental exercise every day?” Edward Albert Launching into 2020 marks an opportunity for us all to get back to basics to reset…

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Mental and Physical Impacts Due to the Spread of Coronavirus!

Since December 2019 there has been a great deal of interest in the novel coronavirus. What does it mean for us as we live in a transient world. People have access to international travel. Borders are open for the transfer of viruses! Mental and Physical impacts due to the spread of the coronavirus and a…

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