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Two Steps Forward and One Step Back!

When we go two steps forward and one step back..

How many times have you heard the expression of two steps forward and one step back? We all know that life is a journey! However its not about the destination but what happens if we dont keep our eye on the destination? Its easy to loose our momentum, get distracted, forgetting what our purpose is and failing to reach our goals.

We all experience two steps forward and one step back!

Forbes describes Arianna Huffington, Co-Founder and Editor in Chief of the Huffington Post as someone who failed many times. She never lost her momentum to reach for her goals. Arianna failed in her campaign to become the Californian Governor, she had 37 rejections for her second book proposal. Above all, her determination and belief kept her moving forward. In addition since then she has gone on to publish another 13 books. Furthermore, she is also the leader of one of the most successful on line global media outlets. 

Arianna claims that ” A key component of wisdom is fearlessness”. In conclusion she says “its not the absence of fear, but rather not letting our fears get in the way”. Furthermore, perseverance is often the difference between success and failure. In todays fast paced world, we have become very focussed on fearless leadership.

Dr Brene Brown identifies several key skill sets required to being fearless: –

  1. Rumbling with vulnerability: – you have to be present and feel your vulnerability. You must be clear to create more connection and empathy with appropriate boundaries.
  2. Living your values: – walk the talk and talk the walk
  3. Braving trust – first you must trust yourself
  4. Learning to Rise – step up when things dont go to plan, review the situation, identify the emotion and “lean in”

Our Choice – Two Steps Forward or not?

In conclusion I believe that our path is mapped out for us. In other words we have choices. There is the quickest route, where we can travel the path “playing the victim role”. We can travel the most interesting way. This path challenges us, allows us to expand our thinking and thrive as we learn, develop and grow. This allows us to create space to move into a new expression of ourself, making a positive impact.

Lean inNOW to move forward and Lead Through Times of Change!

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