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Is your mental health worth investing in?

Is your mental health worth investing in?

We tend to see mental health as separate to physical health. Integration is key to stop the disconnect!

  • Do you dread the headache arriving?
  • Worry about the next hot flush coming?
  • Feel frustrated that you are gaining kilos faster than you can lose them?
  • Exhausted because you can’t sleep?

When we listen to our body and our mind we create awareness and can identify when areas in our body need help before problems compound.
Did you know that when you uplevel your health you can reduce these symptoms? Improving your mental and physical health. Creating a healthier, happier and abundant life.

It is easier than you think. You just need to decide you are ready for a healthier YOU!

A YOU that is more consciously aware of when your body goes out of balance.

Taking control of you health starts with you and with support you can shed unhealthy habits and create new one that serve your highest and best good. Is your mental health worth investing in?

Setting yourself up for mind and body success, joy, freedom and abundance!

Just because you may suffer headaches, weight gain or insomnia doesn’t mean that it has to be that way forever!

Twenty plus years ago my sister died from cancer, her rapid decline caused the family indescribable pain and suffering. Our mental and physical health was impacted! Showing up as anger, blame, accusations, anxiety, depression, fear, sadness and isolation to name a few.

This was classified as “grieving”. However staying stuck in these emotions can escalate into chronic mental and physical health conditions!

How we present to the world each day is a reflection of how we feel inside. Sometimes we wear a mask to hide our authentic feelings, that’s when life gets difficult!

  • We start to feel lost, feel that we don’t belong or dont deserve, we just don’t fit in!
  • Anxiety sets in and we can feel sad, lonely or isolated
  • We may experience bouts of anger
  • Our doubts and fears become amplified
  • We feel more fatigued and exhaustion manifests, leading us to become demotivated
  • We struggle to concentrate and experience persistent negative thoughts
  • We develop unhealthy eating patterns

Living with emotions and feelings that have a low vibrational frequency, cause the cells in the body to work sub optimally. Leading to dis-ease! Unable to fulfil our dreams!

Did you know?

– Anyone can suffer from a mental or emotional health problem
– 1:5 of us will suffer a mental health condition in our working life
– Mental health issues cost the Australian economy a conservative $12 billion annually
– 1/3 of Corporate Australia is feeling stressed, anxious and depressed.
– Depression is now the primary mental health disorder

“An empty lantern provides no light.
Self- care is the fuel that allows your light to shine brightly”


Are you ready to give yourself permission to go on the journey of self discovery?

A journey to live a life that is fun, exciting and expansive?

Invest in your mental health and claim a life where you have energy and freedom to do what lights you up?

Guiding principles: –

  1. PHYSICAL: Exercise every day, keep your body moving. Drink clean water and make mealtimes a celebration!
  2. EMOTIONAL: Spend time in nature or at the beach. Enjoy the sunshine, fresh air, and outdoors.
  3. MENTAL: Practise mindfulness and unpack your thoughts. Creating space for more intentional thinking to happen and journal the messages from your new thoughts.

If you are ready to start investing in your mental health let’s chat and see how my Conscious Transformation Mentoring Program may help?