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Video 2
Transformational Health & Wellness Expert
Joan McEwan

Learn about some of the work Joan does as a Transformational Health & Wellness Expert addressing the body, mind and spirit!

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In this short video, Joan takes you through a helicopter view of her journey and why she now coaches people to be their best version with a string focus on health and wellbeing.

3 Tips to Support Your Mental And Physical Health

This short video discusses the 3 components to strengthen your mental and physical health: -

1. Nurture

2. Nutrition

3. Capacity

The holistic approach develops and strengthens your foundation to create success and fulfilment.

Stress is the Health epidemic of the 21st Century!

This short video highlights the damage that too much stress can do to our bodies that affects our health.

Leadership Principles

Know your purpose, believe in yourself, have integrity at all times, have an agile mindset and never to lose sight of who you are and what you want.

"Show UP"

A reminder about the value of "Showing UP" every day. 3 basic principles of self care to obsess over.

Shifting the Focus to Health & Wellbeing

Health and self-care are paramount in any profession, not least of all the mining and resources sector due to the obligatory long hours and physicality of the work. For some time now, the nature of this sector has led to resistance to the investment of sufficient time and resources in occupational health and safety. Joan McEwan, our guest today, is one of the pioneers of change in this area advocating for health and wellness, particularly for female leaders in the mining and resources industry.

Unlock Your Unique Code

Learn how to "Unlock Your Unique Code"

Do you struggle to be the best that you can be?
Do you feel that something is holding you back but can't quite put your finger on it?
Do you need to start to prioritise yourself before you fall off the bandwagon?
If you had to be really honest with yourself, do you sabotage your efforts? If you have answered "yes" then perhaps it is time to unlock your unique code and find your best-self!
Joan's coaching program "Unlock Your Unique Code" will take you on a transformational journey to go deep within to help you heal and transform to step into your power with a rock-solid identity to be your best self!

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