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Live your best life through AWARENESS!

Live your best life through AWARENESS!

Do you believe that you are worthy of more happiness, success and abundance? Know this is possible as you live your best life through AWARENESS!

The more aware that we become the more we can see what is working and not working for us! The more we get to change into a better version!

“Start before you feel ready. 

You don’t need to know where it’s all going. 

You’ll work it out along the way.”

Rebecca Campbell

What holds us back?

Looking at old patterns and behaviours that keep recurring, what are the emotions that come to the surface?

Holding onto fears and limiting beliefs will block your energy centres (chakras). Are you numbing and blaming others for how you feel or the difficult situation you find yourself in?


When you start to feel into these emotions and give yourself permission to surrender, resistance starts to shift! You stop trying to control and become more aware of how your body is feeling!

Feeling this resistance is your body’s way of letting you know that there’s something better waiting for you. But you have to let go of the fears and doubts that are holding you back before you can receive the new, something better.

Becoming aware of where this resistance is showing up in your body guides you to where the energy block is. It usually appears in the areas of one of the 7 chakras in the body. Moving our energy is the start to shifting this resistance and opening yourself up to new possibilities.

Balancing all the chakras in the body is important to improve your health, stay aligned to your purpose and live a fun, joyful, abundant and successful life.

Root chakra

  • This energy centre reflects our basic needs to survive in the physical world. Has a lot to do with health, money, career, feeling safe and secure. 
  • IN BALANCE : Supported | Grounded | Connected
  • UNBALANCED: GIT disturbances | Weight imbalances | Fatigue

Sacral Chakra

  • This is a powerful chakra to connect with more creativity, pleasure, sexual energy, manifesting and money. Often people absorb and carry other people’s emotions in this area, as well as their own unprocessed emotions.
  • BALANCE: Compassion | Empathy
  • UNBALANCED: Energetic Overwhelm | Leaky energetic boundaries | energetic burnout

Solar Plexus Chakra

  • This is your Power centre – how you chose to manifest your desires. More action orientated, your drive – masculine energy
  • IN BALANCE: Trust the process | Passion | Effortless
  • UNBALANCE: Unmotivated | Anxious | Depressed | Procrastination | Powerless

Heart Chakra

  • This energy centre relates to self-love, self-worth, self-acceptance, need for approval.
  • IN BALANCE: Compassion | Acceptance | Non judgement
  • UNBALANCE: Doubt | Lack of Clarity | Victim

Throat Chakra

  • This is the communication centre and has a lot to do with self-expression. Speaking your truth and being clear on your message through writing, speaking or art
  • IN BALANCE: Articulate | Honest | Truthful
  • UNBALANCE: Throat & Ear issues | Difficult to speak your truth

3rd Eye Chakra

  • Natural lie detector. Ability to see the truth in others
  • IN BALANCE: Focused | Determined | A Reflector of Truth
  • UNBALANCE: Trouble concentrating | Lack of Clarity | Limits your ability to see your dreams

Crown Chakra

  • This energy centre is about “clear knowing” and clear communication.
  • IN BALANCE: Articulate | Honest | Truthful
  • UNBALANCE: Confusion | Lack clarity | Rigid Thoughts | Powerless

So why are our energy centres important and why balance our chakras?

When your chakras are “blocked” this can contribute to mental, physical and emotional ailments.

Regular balancing the chakras in the body is important to help us stay aligned with improved mental, physical and emotional health and live a healthy, joyful and abundant life by.

  • Removing energy blockages that are holding you back
  • Becoming more present and focused
  • Increasing awareness as you start to align to your purpose 
  • Letting go of goals that are no longer relevant 
  • Gaining clarity

Steps to increase awareness:

  1. Accept personal responsibility – are you ready to shift from being in victim mode and blaming others and move into acceptance  and begin your transformation journey? – FORGIVE | CREATE BOUNDARIES | KNOW YOUR VALUE | HEA:L | CHANGE
  2. Set your intentions – Ask yourself how can you bring joy, fun, health, abundance and success into your life?
  3. What do you want to change and commit to change!

If you are ready to take the next step to up-level in your health, career and business then EMAIL me to see how we can work together where you will INCREASE your AWARENESS as you UNLOCK YOUR UNIQUE CODES of WISDOM as you step into a NEW PARADIGM OF DOING LIFE AND BUSINESS.