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Happiness is?

Happiness is? Last weekend my focus was on taking time out for me, to “fill my cup” and recharge. Time to top up my self-compassion tank. This is a key element to finding happiness and a successful journey. Many of us ask ourselves what happiness is and why is it so important? Others think that…

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Is it time to refocus and re-energise?

Is it time to refocus and re-energise? As we come to the second half of a very turbulent year, many of my clients have been struggling with anxiety and fear around their lives and their future. You are not alone; this has been a common theme for many people both in business, career and personally.…

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The elephant in the room!

The elephant in the room! Our life cycle is like the 4 seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter, one season blends into the next. Notably, this creates a steady progression of growth and change. Nothing stays the same. Why is it that so many women struggle with the season of life known as menopause? Menopause…

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