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When Courage isn’t Enough!

Its time to “Think Big”

When courage isn’t enough, its time to think big! It requires confidence to help you take risks, to take you out of your comfort zone. Trust yourself and believe in what your end goal is.

Furthermore, it is what sets you up to be different from the rest, to achieve your goals and lead with heart and mind. Leading using vulnerability, transparency and courage to create that deep connection and belonging to build trust.

Get Comfortable with being Uncomfortable!

It is time to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. The time is now to be a female leaders who is ready to lead through times of change and make an impact, bringing in the softer feminine energies to create balance, equity, trust and belonging.

Leadership Qualities

Jacinta Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand, the youngest leader of the Labour party to be elected in 2017 at 37 years of age. She has displayed such exceptional leadership qualities, a heart felt leader. Demonstrating authenticity, true grit, leading with both heart and mind.

Recently Jacinta Ardern the NZ Prime Minister displayed true authentic leadership, when she was called to deal with a situation where a shooting had taken place at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand where 50 people were left dead.

As we watched Jacinta manoeuvre her way through this emotionally charged situation, in my mind I believe she led from within. Following her heart she responded in the most profound authentic way. Watching as she shared their grief and loss, speaking openly and with authority that her and her government would not tolerate this behaviour. Combining the use of both her masculine and feminine energies to create a balanced resulting with a powerful impact.

Instilling comfort in the people of New Zealand, she was present for them, and made it clear that she would do all in her power to prevent any similar situation from occurring again.  They won her trust. Making it clear that she was running the country and the rules of respect, love, peace, harmony and equity would be followed.

The NZ Prime Minister, was called to make some very tough decisions and spoke with belief and commitment when she announced quickly the changes that would occur to NZ legislation in relation to gun management reiterating that she would make the necessary changes required to ensure the safety of her people and country.

The 7 Acts of Courage

Forbes talks about the 7 acts of courage that women who are great leaders use:-
1. Lead from within
2. Unleash your ambition – aim high
3. Speak openly
4. Advocate yourself
5. Ask
6. Refuse to tolerate the intolerable – Speak up
7. Lean towards risk – need to take risks

In conclusion, recent events in New Zealand led by Jacinta Ahern show that when female leaders lead with both heart and mind build enormous trust, compassion, empathy, resilience whilst allowing the country and its people time to heal peacefully.

A profound example of a real time female leader showing the benefits of leading with both heart and mind, utilising the soft feminine energy to its greatest advantage. Time for us all to Lean it and lead with more than courage, read more…