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SHOW UP: How Women Can Lead in the Resources Sector Through Times of Change

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During this decade of disruption where time is travelling faster than ever before. Now is the time for women to "Show Up" and Lead Through Times of Change.

Did you know?

1 in 5 people will suffer from a stress related health challenge in their lifetime.

Workers in the resources industry are at a higher risk, with common challenges including spending long periods of time away from home, working long hours, financial stress, shift rosters and social isolation having an impact on performance and wellbeing.

A recent ‘Wellbeing and Lifestyle Survey’ found of 1100 workers across 10 remote construction, open cut and underground mining sites in Western Australia and South Australia, found about 30 per cent reported high distress levels. This is three times the national average.

In Joan's new book "Show Up" she will be talking about: -

  • The 3 building Blocks that are essential to achieving success both personally and professionally
  • The female leader leading with heart, mind, passion and determination
  • Being 100% committed to reaching goals with integrity and aligned to purpose
  • The flexible growth mindset to be open to rapid change and extraordinary growth
  • Create success for female leaders and set their teams up for success
  • Why female leaders are now able to lead with vulnerability to create connection and trust
90 Day Journal - "Transform"

90 Day Journal to keep you motivated and on track to complete your goals.

This 100 page A5 journal dedicates a page a day with prompt to achieve your 90 day goals to keep you on track.

It has tips to keep your energy high every day with suggestions of specific routines that help.

Specific exercises to do and measure benefits.

Suggestions to identify negative thoughts and "flip" them.

Additional tips to focus and strengthen your goals.

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