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Keynote Speaker Joan McEwan

Joan is the guru for helping people to reach their potential to "Show Up".
She is an experienced keynote speaker, intuitive mentor and author of the book Show Up.

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Joan work's with organisations in growing strong women leaders. She focus's on doing the "inner work" to build confidence and skills that create integrated teams with diverse leadership capabilities so that women move into more senior leadership positions. 

Joan takes them from feeling like imposters to feeling incredible.  She does that through a variety of methods including conventional and intuitive methods. Energy management is a key tool to sustained success in life and career.

Show Up: How Leaders can be part of A new paradigm of female leadership.

The female participation rate of 15% in mining in Australia is one of the lowest of any industry in Australia. While the industry is leading the charge in terms of pay equity, unfortunately, it is lagging when it comes to workplace flexibility and cultural change. The industry is completely losing out when it comes to women’s workforce participation and leadership.

In this engaging session, female leaders will learn:-

3 Key challenges that leaders face
The 7 key focus areas to reach mastery
Growth, Passion and Commitment drives you to be inspirational

Show Up: Executive Leaders create a Healthy Body: Healthy Mind to Increase Productivity & Happiness!

Having a healthy workplace is critical for the success of all businesses. A mentally and physically healthy workplace is achievable but requires leadership and commitment from all levels within the business. It is the responsibility of the employer and employee to work together to create a mentally and physically healthy workplace

Did you know:-
⇒ Mental illness is the leading cause of long term sickness absence in Australia costing approximately $12 billion in absenteeism, reduced productivity and compensation claims annually
⇒ 1:5 people take time off work each year due to feeling mentally unwell
⇒ The workplace mental health institute reports that 3 - 4 sick days are taken each month for untreated depression
⇒ 78% of people surveyed were concerned about disclosing a mental health condition to their employer for fear of losing their job or negative perceptions
⇒ 45% of Australians between 16 - 85 years will suffer a mental health condition in their lifetime

In this engaging session, executive leaders will learn:-

Key health challenges faced by executives
The benefits of strengthening your healthy foundation
Identify your passion, foster your commitment to grow as a healthy leader

Show Up: Eliminate Exhaustion in the Leader!

In this keynote we look at how leaders can reduce anxiety, stress, burnout and increase energy.
Gain clarity, overcome overwhelm, fight fatigue and get more done!

We unpack the 5 key challenges:

⇒ Working in a fast-paced unpredictable environment
⇒ Stress
⇒ Feeling undervalued
⇒ Workplace bullying and harassment
⇒ Finding your purpose with vibrancy


In this engaging session, executive leaders will learn:-

Build in a self care practice
Key food groups to build a robust foundation
Manage workload based on current capacity
Connection between the mental,  physical and emotional levels
Energy = the currency

During this decade of disruption where time is travelling faster than ever before. Now is the time for women to "Show Up" and Lead Through Extraordinary Times using Health Energetics!.

Did you know?

1 in 5 people will suffer from a stress related health challenge in their lifetime.

Workers in the resources industry are at a higher risk, with common challenges including spending long periods of time away from home, working long hours, financial stress, shift rosters and social isolation having an impact on performance and wellbeing.

A recent ‘Wellbeing and Lifestyle Survey’ found of 1100 workers across 10 remote construction, open cut and underground mining sites in Western Australia and South Australia, found about 30 per cent reported high distress levels. This is three times the national average.

In Joan's keynote "Show Up" she will be talking about: -

  • The 3 building Blocks that are essential to achieving success both personally and professionally
  • The female leader leading with heart, mind, passion and determination
  • Being 100% committed to reaching goals with integrity and aligned to purpose
  • The flexible growth mindset to be open to rapid change and extraordinary growth
  • Create success for female leaders and set their teams up for success
  • Why female leaders are now able to lead with vulnerability to create connection and trust

Joan holds a Bachelor of Health Science (Nursing), Diploma of Mental Health Nursing, Diploma of Applied Science (Naturopathy), Diploma of Business and Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training.

Joan is also experienced in the implementation of best practice health functions in large organisations in the resources sector.

Joan is an inspiring and motivating speaker, who develops with her quirky Scottish humour. Her message is changing the current paradigm of female leadership in the resources sector in Australia. Don’t miss the opportunity to have her speak at your next event!

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