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Dare to be Different-Be Bold!

Going against the norms gives ourself permission to explore new ideas, attitudes, concepts to “think outside of the box”. Daring to be bold and different challenges our thinking, creating space to provide different perspectives.

When We Dare To Be Different

When we dare to be different we give ourself permission to be authentic. To allow people to see the “real “us, to create connection and trust.
Forbes recently interviewed the Dalai Lama who believes that the world will be saved by the Western Woman”. Consequently he acknowledged the growing power that western women have to influence global change. Now more than ever women need to “show up” and own their leadership traits. Now is the time to foster emotional connectedness, compassion and perceptiveness to create trust.

Lets Get Curious!

Brene Brown‘s book ‘Dare to Lead’ talks about “Getting Curious”! She believes when we dare to lead by serving others we remove ego. In turn we become vulnerable leading to courageous leadership.  Brown stated its about showing compassion, taking time to understand and connect with people. These qualities are what makes us different and bold.

Connect with Team

In her book, Brown discussed Colonel Dede Halfhill, a leader of US Airforce men/women in the US. As a leader Halfhill believed that if you use the correct language you can engage and connect with your team. This leads to better results and increased productivity. Camaraderie is improved, and in turn loneliness, fear and other mental health issues are reduced.

Interestingly, Halfhill reviewed airforce leadership manuals from 1948 to current manuals. As a result she found that the translation of leadership language in the airforce had gone from emotional context to strategic language. Procedures had become task driven and outcome focused with no emotional connection.

Dare to be Bold!

In conclusion, when you dare to be bold! You get deep into your emotions to create connections that foster respect and trust. It connects body and mind to be more balanced and expressive. Brings forth a new way of thinking in a time when change is rapid in a time poor world. Read more