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Lead with the End in Mind!

Lead with the End in Mind..

As a Health and Wellness expert and leader, I have always led with the end in mind. Consequently, I talk a lot around the importance of factoring in self care, good food, sunshine, fresh air, laughter, exercise, clean water and a work life balance. Consider how these practices will benefit not only us but family, friends and future generations by applying these principles now.

Why its Important?

With my focus being on lead with the end in mind I set out over the previous 18 months to conducted my own personal research into some of the ageing population living in aged care facilities in my area of Queensland. Some of these people have found themselves in aged care reluctantly. Today I am just going to share some of my insights that may assist you along your health and wellbeing journey, to make more conscious choices with your life and health.

In addition, I met with many residents in several aged care facilities in Queensland. Many having expressed such sadness at finding themselves in an aged care facility in their twilight years. Furthermore, they described ending up in these aged care facilities as the end of the road, ” a place you find yourself while you wait to die”. Creating a fixed mindset further building to their despair.

Some residents have found themselves in aged care facilities due to failing health, unable to manage in there own home or family no longer able to care for them.

5 Key Concerns of Residents

Whatever reason they found themselves in these aged care facilities I identified 5 key concerns that most of them expressed: –
1. Experiencing loneliness
2. Sad and angry that they have lost their independence
3. Sense of no longer feeling they have purpose in their life
4. Anger over lack of privacy
5. Lost their voice – no one listens to them anymore

Its a Time Poor Environment!

Furthermore, many carers found the speed in which they were required to work to be quite stressful . As a result, many carers finished their shift with feelings of dissatisfaction, as they felt they hadn’t completed their tasks as well as they would of liked due to time constraints. Time spent with residents for social chats in most cases is a luxury that few were able to provide and many carers would often stay back after their shift was finished to spend time with a “special resident”.

Statistics from the AIHW tell us that: –

2017 – 15% (3.8 million) Australians were 65 years and over 
2017 – 57% (2.2 million) of these older Australians are 65 – 74 years with 51% being women
2017 – 30% (1.2 million) of these older Australians are 75 – 84 years with 54% being women
2017 – 13% (500,000) of these older Australians are 85 years and over with 63% being women ______________________________________________________________________________

2057 – Projected population of 8.8 million of older people in Australia

2097 – Projected population of 12.8 million (25%) will be aged 65 years and over

13% deaths over 65 years, are due to heart disease

32% older Australians 65 years and older suffer high cholesterol

72% older Australians 65 – 74 years are overweight and obese 

5 Leading Causes of Death over 65 years:-

  1. Coronary Heart Disease
  2. Dementia and Alzheimers
  3. Cerebrovascular Disease
  4. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
  5. Colorectal Cancer / Influenza / Pneumonia

Why Lead with the End in Mind

In conclusion! leading with the end in mind, we must consider these above statistics. Our projected ageing population and burden of health and disease is not sustainable. Ultimately! making significant changes to our health and mindset, allows us to influence our family and friends to assist in reducing the burden of disease, and in turn living a healthier, more fulfilled life.

The increasing population is impacting our burden of disease and as a consequence, impacts all of us, our health and social services. When we live a meaningful life with purpose, our “WHY” needs to incorporate reasons and processes to assist with a sustainable future.

Lean in NOW to assist society and Lead Through Times of Change!

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