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Authentic Leadership Builds Trust!

Authentic leadership builds trust and transformation happens. Research shows that when you work on an emotional level (heart based) and a logical level (mind based) you use both your left and right side of your brain. Due to this your thinking becomes full spectrum.

Most noteworthy, when you balance both hard and soft skills. You begin to create a balance of both the masculine and feminine energies. Leading to connection and trust.

Why Authentic Leadership Works

Recently I watched a TED talk by Hamid Ulukaya. Hamid demonstrates how authentic leadership builds trust. This Turkish migrant who moved to the US and bought a run down yoghurt factory. Consequently, the previous owners sold it and as a result 55 workers were made redundant.

Hamid realised this factory was like a “Time Machine”!  It had served generations of families who had worked at this factory. Until recently, this factory had provided the local community with a livelihood.

Hamid bought the factory. He then hired 4 key people who had previously worked in the factory. The first summer, he spent time with these employees painting the walls and getting to know them . Building relationships. Further more, between them they worked out how to move the business forward. Later, he went on to hire the 55 local workers who had previously lost their jobs when the factory closed.

2 years later this yoghurt factory had become a multimillion dollar success story. Profits from the factory were invested into the local community. The township flourished again. Bringing hope and respect back to the community.

A New Business Model

Hamid believes that businesses should operate differently. Business should not be focussed on profits for shareholders. As a result, the focus should be on their employees. Investing in your employees is where the magic happens and success ensues.

5 Key Elements for New Business

Hamid believes the new way of business is about 5 key elements:-
– Community
– Responsibility
– Gratitude
– Accountability 
– Consumer

This is the basis of heart and mind leadership. Having a vision, being courageous and transparent, taking time to develop relationships to create connection, trust and respect. Its a two way street. All about collaboration.

Redefining Leadership

A recent Deloitte survey conducted on redefining leadership identified: –
– 33% of responders identified that authenticity has been the biggest accelerator to personal career advancement
– 50% of responders think that leaders should be more authentic for organisations to succeed. 
– Stepping into your authenticity increases happiness and fulfilment for both leaders and teams
– Workforces want inclusion and to share the experience

Consequently, Hamid identified that the way forward to create a successful business was to collaborate with the consumer. The people who care. He had to share his vision. To be transparent with his lack of knowledge in this area. For this reason he built relationships with the locals who had a vested interest in the factory.

Hamid is an excellent example of leading with heart and mind. Quickly he developed a relationship based business. Because this harnessed trust and respect. Above all, authentic leadership builds trust when you lead with both heart and mind!

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