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What Do You Want To Be Remembered For?

Leaving a Legacy!

How important is it to leave a legacy? Above all what do you want to be remembered for? In other words to understand our purpose! Travel our journey sharing our “genius”. Realise how important this is and the benefits. It provides many things. Inspiration, influence, change, opportunities, options and so much more. Therefore, everyone is a winner!

We all bring our uniqueness to the table. Therefore, by demonstrating the value of our uniqueness. Impact and influence occurs. Its the currency of value that people crave and trust.

“Do not go where the path may lead,
go instead where there is no path
and leave a trail”.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Speaking Up!

Recently Resources Unearthed invited me to be a guest speaker on their podcast. This was an exciting opportunity! Above all, talking about my experiences as a female leader in the resources sector. Sharing stories about the challenges that women face in heavily male dominated workforce’s.


Some challenges women are experiencing when working in male dominated workforces: –
– not being treated as an equal in the workplace 
– feeling like an imposter
– Lacking confidence
– balancing work, family and social life

Above all, as female leaders we worry about what other women think of us, our leadership style and being successful!

As we talked, I realised that my experience working as a female leader in a heavily dominated environment had become part of my legacy. Something I want to be remembered for! Inspiring other female leaders to be better equipped to work in this environment. To provide encouragement, guidance and tips to survive in this environment and excel.

However, to show up constantly and be the inspirational leader requires awareness, acceptance and self-care. Being fully charged and energised. More than ever before, female leaders have the ability and means to show up. Be the inspirational leader! They can gain traction and advance their careers by embracing their intuition. As a result amplify’s their energy.

In conclusion, Female leaders are seen as change agents. Builders of relationships and more likely to collaborate and gain trust.

Doing Things Differently!

Therefore, it’s time to balance out the masculine energies . In other words, increasing the use of the softer skills. This creates connection, trust and transparency.

Amplify Energy!

In addition, here are my 3 tips of how to survive and create change. To make a difference as a female leader in a heavily male dominated industry.
1. For instance, self care is critical to personal and professional development. Take time to connect your body, mind and spirit. As your energy increases it helps to take you out of your comfort zone. Be vulnerable – that is when the growth happens. Increasing awareness amplifies energy.

2. Eat nutritionally rich food, clean food and filtered water. Helping to strengthen and detoxify your body. Raising the body vibration. Therefore amplifying your energy. This step requires commitment with a 100% focus on your goals. 

3. Check in and see if your workload aligns with your vision, purpose and values! Clear out what is no longer working. Make space for the “New”. Develop a “growth focus”!

After that we increase our awareness. Trust and accept and ourself. Then we “connect the dots”. Staying present allows us to focus on our goals. In turn increasing our energy. After that the clarity arises and the magic happens.

What Do You Want To Be Remembered For? Would love to hear your thoughts?