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Your The Point of Difference – Be The Voice!

Your The Point of Difference – Be The Voice!

What does this mean? When your the point of difference – be the voice! Recently an old friend of mine, let’s call her Sally, was challenged beyond her widest imagination. Pushed to identify her point of difference just to survive.

The Floods!

The recent floods that hit the Gold Coast severely damaged the home and business premises that Sally rented. Resulting in her home and business deemed unsafe to live in due to the damage caused by the flood waters. The real estate agent refused to help and insisted that she live in the property and continue to pay rent

Weeks of negotiations took place with no resolve. Finally she was forced to lodge a complaint with the Civil and Administrative Tribunal. Eventually they agreed that the property was unfit to live in. Sally’s lease was terminated and she was free to move on.

The Fallout!

That was a fantastic outcome for Sally despite the weeks of stress that it had caused her. However as she operated her small business from the property it meant that she had to close her business temporarily until she could find alternative premises to work from.

Loss of income, loss of clients, loss of confidence, stress and fear all jumped into her journey. It was like she was on a roller coaster ride struggling to get through each day.

So what kept Sally motivated and driven to keep moving forward?  She had to “dig deep” and understand what her point of difference was. Acknowledging her point of difference allowed her to really challenge herself.

Hairdressing had been part of her life for over 20 years. It was her passion and was part of who she was. Her strong sense of what her purpose was and her belief in herself gave her the courage and strength to rebuild and reinvent her business and her life.

New Beginnings!

Last week Sally found a salon that she could rent and get back into doing the work she loves with her clients who adore her and appreciate the skills she has in making every one of them feel like a million dollars when they leave her salon following their hair appointment.

Other friends have given her a place to live until she gets back on her feet. Even taking in her dog!


Now Sally could have easily given in and allowed the real estate agent to bully her into living in a dangerous property whilst loosing her business and livelihood. 

Sally believes that everything happens for a reason and could accept what had occured due to the floods. What she couldn’t accept was that she should lose her business that she loved and worked so hard for. 

So What’s The Point?

Robin Sharma author and leadership expert talks about 3 traits of great leaders: –
1. Know yourself
2. Get things done – execute and implement
3. Be crazy – be a disruptor – dont just accept  – challenge

He says that when you do things that you fear and that you find difficult. That is when you are working at a soul level to build on your character.

When you are working at a soul level, building your character. That is when you get the clarity to understand your point of difference – be the voice. You gain the clarity, confirmation and confidence that ignites your “fire”. 

Sally was really challenged by the events that arose from the floods. She really got to know herself. Determining what was really important to her . Understanding that she wanted to survive this event. To become even stronger and more successful.

In order to do this, she became a disruptor, challenging the real estate agent to “get a fair go”. 

To be that inspiring leader you need to really understand your point of difference. It’s your calling. That something that makes your heart sing and makes people happy to be around you. Making a difference.

When you find what your point of difference is. That place where your voice is heard. Your words and your message are so powerful. Its a richness that comes from within

What traits do you use to build on your leadership skills and abilities?

Would love to hear your thoughts?