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Kindness Matters – Building Healthy and Happy Cultures!

Does Kindness Matters – Building Healthy and Happy Cultures! However, this is a question I ask my clients when we start working  together. 

Why you may ask?

Above all, the answer in my mind is simple! In other words, if you dont know yourself, dont understand your feelings and know what you want, it is difficult to know and understand others needs. However, it is difficult to express kindness spontaneously if you have not explored this feeling yourself.

On the contrary, knowing yourself allows you to put your life in perspective. Hence, returning to the basics to nurture yourself. Explore your feelings. To be kind to yourself and others. In other words, as clarity rises you can redefine and realign your life, career and business.

At a recent vision board workshop I ask the question “When did you last update your vision board”?

The answers varied from “did not have one”, “did not have enough time”, “wasn’t sure what to do to get the most from it” and so on. All sort of excuses came up. Ultimately, when you really get to know who you are you shed your “invisible layers”. Procrastination and holding yourself back stops. You become vulnerable.

The Fear!

As a result, it’s like swimming underwater for a long time and suddenly you come up for air. You gasp, cough and perhaps choke on some water. Above all, once you have settled, regained your homeostasis, your breathing settles and you are calm and invigorated.

Indeed fear is the culprit for holding us back. Stopping us from taking the leap to move forward. Becoming what we are meant to be. We fear that people will judge us or worse we will experience the feeling of being an imposter.

The Emotions!

The more you feel what you are about the more aligned you become with who you really are! Therefore, the upside of this is that when you explore your feelings you feel more inclined to give out kindness. You release and receive 10 fold in return. This creates a ripple effect and increases energy and vibrancy.

As awareness increases we create a space within us that allows us “to slow down the frenetic pace of life”. Allowing us to reduce the pressure that we place on ourselves in this fast paced world we live in. To experience a calm mind and body. 

Matt Kahn, best selling author, spiritual teacher and philanthropist talks about acceptance. In addition, accepting the feelings you are experiencing and probing further to understand.  How this releases a capacity to be kind to self and others. Without focusing on an outcome.

Every feeling that we feel allows us to explore ourselves deeper to get a more grounded understanding.

The new paradigm of leadership has a strong focus around heart and mind led leadership. For this to be authentic, meaningful and purposeful it requires more of you. Poet Yung Pueblo sums it up perfectly:-

more rest
more self love
more letting go
more time for learning
more space for transformation
more honesty about how you feel
more time developing good habits
more courage to try new practices
more time cultivating your inner peace
more faith in yourself and the process

So how do we do this?

In other words, how do we create an environment where Kindness Matters – Building Healthy and Happy Cultures!

This requires continuous personal self development. In conclusion, create a simple but effective strategy by nurturing your self, sustain quality nutrition and evaluate your capacity. Take action in these areas to build your foundation.

Above all, by doing this will set you up for a happy and healthy life that enables you to contribute to building happy healthy cultures. That is when kindness creates magic!

Would love to hear your thoughts?