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Eat Clean to Support Your Body!

The Year of Challenges!

2020 has certainly been a year of challenges in Australia! Firstly, the droughts and bushfires, quickly followed by the floods and rounding off with the global pandemic of COVID-19! Stress, fear and anxiety have escalated, all this can be reduced when you eat clean to support your body!

Are you feeling the impact of these crisis situations in Australia in the last 4 months?

Do you feel exhausted?

Feeling like you want to “come up for air” and get off the rollercoaster of emotions?


A recent study trying to understanding how workers habits have changed since COVID-19 has forced employees to work from home found:-

  • 48% are snacking more
  • 38% are doing more laundry
  • 52% are sleeping in more
  • 52% are going to bed later
  • 60% are watching more TV
  • 32% are exercising less
  • 16% are showering less
  • 26% are shaving less

So what does all this indicate?

So much of what is happening is out-with our control however there are a few areas that we can take control of?

Has your anxiety and stress levels increased?
Are you comfort eating?
Feeling in a constant state of flux?
In constant overwhelm as you navigate the rapid changes in life and in business?
Have your habits and routines “gone out the window”?
Wondering what you can actually control at the moment?

“It is the health that is the real wealth and pieces of gold and silver”

Mahatma Gandhi

Taking Action!

When we take this advice and action, what does it look like?

With this in mind, if we let go of everything we are desperately trying to hold onto and go back to the basics, the first area to review is diet and nutrition. We can control what we eat.

For this reason, we should take time to think and plan the daily menus. Indeed cooking is therapeutic, educational, and nurturing. Particularly, something that the whole family can be involved in. 

A point that is often overlooked is that for generations the kitchen has been known for being the “heart” of the house. A place where the family came together, laughed, had fun, and enjoyed cooking and eating together. The kitchen was the place where much healing occured, and many problems solved, over the cooking pot!

Recent Times!

Interestingly, in the last few months life has slowed down for many and an opportunity has arisen to get back into the kitchen and start some healing. That begins with clean, wholesome food. Eat clean to support your body!

So what is the point?

Eating clean food that is fresh, free from preservatives and pesticides aids in the detoxification of the body. Lightens the stress on the body and creates a health currency. The greater your health currency the greater capacity you have to support your body and mind to become stronger and clearer.  Essential currency to get through these challenging times and prepare to be “game fit” when all the social isolation restrictions are lifted.

3 Benefits of Eating Clean?

1. You will be smarter – research indicates that a diet rich in fruits, nuts, fish, and vegetables improves our cognitive function and keeps our mind sharper and clearer
2. Have more energy – eating fresh fruit not only provides a natural sugar hit but the increased fibre takes longer to be digested in the body, Making the energy available for longer, preventing “slumps” in energy in the afternoon
3. Enjoy eating food – when you chose to eat mindfully you eat with purpose, savour the tastes and smells of the food. Giving an all-rounded experience of enjoyment and gratitude.

Would love to hear what dietary changes you can make to “lighten your load”?