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Your intentions are your super weapons to create success!

Your intentions are your super weapons to create success!

Having the space to think clearly allows us identifies what is not working for us in life, relationships, and career. In other words, we can break down old patterns that have kept us comfortable and stagnant. Therefore, triggering us to look and ask for more in life. Setting your intentions are your super weapons to create success!

The late Dr Wayne Dyer believed that “our intention creates our reality”. Science shows explains that our thoughts are energy and we become what we think. It makes sense, we know that when we are sad and unhappy, we bring those feelings into our life. As a result, becoming less motivated and are less likely to achieve what we want.

Famous French author of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Victor Hugo, is a great example of how distractions can prevent us from achieving our targets and goals. Back in the early 1800’s he had committed to publishing his new book, however with no clear intentions or plan in place he became distracted. His publisher decided to set him a tight deadline.

Hugo realised that he had been procrastinating, so set about developing a strategy and published the book before his publishing deadline. So, how did this happen. Well, Hugo realised he was procrastinating and wasting time, so he implemented some self-discipline.

His plan was based on setting intentions and, staying present to achieve his outcome of getting his book published within six months. In effect, he cleared his head of “interference” making space so he could focus on writing his book.

His intention was to publish his book within six months, and he created a self-disciplined approach. He removed all distractions, stayed present and focused every day on writing and thus achieved his goal.

Many of us can relate to procrastinating over trying to achieve our goals, plans and future. Here are 3 tips to help you find that your intentions are your super weapons to create success!

  1. Explore the root cause, what is holding you back. What feeling or emotions do you experience? Is this a repeating theme for you? If so, acknowledge it and then in your mind, let it go.
  2. Your intentions are like a roadmap. Your intentions take you to specific points on your road map to your destination. By staying focused on each element will allow you to stay on course and enjoy your progress. This becomes the key.
  3. Schedule your intentions. Be clear on each intention. Each one should have an end date to be completed or achieved. Be clear on what you need to do for each intention, preventing any “interference” or distractions. And finally acknowledge the time required each day to do this work. These intentions are your super weapons to create success!

Look forward to hearing how you go with implementing your new intentions?