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Surrender to what lights you up!

Surrender to what lights you up!

Do you find yourself repeating the same patterns that your parents did? Does your energy feel heavy and blocked and just can’t seem to get off that roller coaster! Are you living in fear and procrastinating that you are not capable of what you feel your life purpose is? If this sounds like you, it may be time to surrender to what lights you up!

“The moment of surrender is not

when life is over.

It’s when it begins.”

Marianne Williamson

As you stop resisting in your life, career, and relationships, the blockages, and barriers release. Allowing you to move into the surrender stage. Working at this level provides a clearing and space that provides hope. Preparing you for the next step to ignite your life purpose.

Last week I attended a live event hosted by Scientist and researcher, Dr. Espen where he shared his research and thinking around the quantum experience. Talking about, how to turn obstacles into opportunities, by using the power of your consciousness.

Let me share some of the key take-aways:

  • When you cultivate a good feeling, it acts like a magnet. We attract what we feel.
  • Thoughts + feelings = Abundance
  • Use the powerful acronym of HOPE: Help, Other, People, Everyday
  • Instead of asking yourself “How is this happening to me, ask WHY, what am I to learn from this”?
  • When you take action and do the personal work, healing, abundance, and transformation occur. You become in flow with life

Following on from that event I found myself looking to validate some of the above. The late, internationally renowned David. R. Hawkins M.D, PH. D, physician, scientist, and teacher developed the map of consciousness. This map helps to explain how the vibration of emotions affects our conscious state and life.

This diagram of the Hawkins scale demonstrates how the vibrational states correlate to where we are in our consciousness. The scale shows that when we are experiencing negative emotions such as fear, guilt, and shame our body vibrates at a low frequency. Conversely, the body vibration increases when we experience joy, acceptance, and willingness.

In summary, to be successful, healthy, and abundant, living in peace and harmony you need to raise your vibration to match what you want to attract. Becoming your best self requires you to be conscious, live in the present moment with greater awareness.

When your vibrational state is above 500, your life flows much easier, and it makes manifesting and realising your life purpose much easier. Challenge yourself, by every time you feel a negative emotion, flip it into a positive one that vibrates at a higher frequency.

So, when you are feeling guilty or fearful, lean into that feeling and experience what living in a lower vibration feels like. Then try implementing practices like meditation, walking in nature, yoga, swimming in the ocean, and journaling. Shifting your vibration higher up the scale to be inflow.

If you are ready to learn more about supporting your energy to become your best self, increasing your clarity, and living in flow with what your life purpose is, then this might be the workshop you are looking for?