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Ignite your inner flame and expand!

Ignite your inner flame and expand!

Life is a bit like a jig-saw puzzle. In other words, we spend our life putting all the pieces together to complete the journey. When all the pieces are not in the right places, it can lead to feelings that something is missing. Feelings of being disconnected and not aligned. However, when you ignite your inner flame and expand you start to connect with your true purpose. In conclusion, you sense a feeling of being in flow, happy and everything you do feels effortless.

Above all, we are living in times where we are being called to be more conscious, more present, and more aware.  In addition, the more aware that we become the more we can anchor-in to who we are and what we want. It gives us courage to follow our dreams. We start to see our bigger picture. The more present and aware that we are the more our world opens to opportunities, and we can expand.

“What you focus on grows,

what you think about expands

and, what you dwell upon determines your destiny”.

Robin Sharma

Becoming more conscious and aware requires us to acknowledge all components of our being; body, mind and spirit. Doing this creates an anchoring – in. A place when we integrate all components of who we are and create balance.

Leadership guru, Stephen R Covey identified this phenomenon in his book the 8th habit. He understood that by adopting the 8th habit enabled you to go from being effective to becoming great.  To be great and achieve your potential requires focussing on the body, mind, soul, and spirit.

We cannot help others achieve greatness if we don’t experience it ourselves. So, it all comes back to it starting with us. Personal development addressing all components of ourselves is a must if we want to lead, heal, and inspire others. As we find our own voice, our own why, we can then help others find theirs.

It comes down to us being clear on our point of difference. Finding what is it that makes each of us remarkable? When we find this, we know we are on our path to make a difference, create change and leave our legacy. However, it all starts with us delving deep within ourselves. Getting a structure, a plan, to anchor-in your awareness that enables you to ignite your inner flame and expand!

Things you may notice when you have reached this point. You will feel a calming presence, your life will be more in-flow and effortless. Your health will start to improve as your energy increases and your thoughts become clearer. Self-care will become part of your daily routine without feeling guilty or not deserving of it. And any feelings of anxiety and self-doubt will start to fade.

If you have enjoyed this blog and want to get your vision and plan created for 2022, let’s have a chat and see how I may be able to help you?