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When “numbness” becomes our default!

When “numbness” becomes our default!

Are you feeling stuck in life? Feel like you are going round in circles, repeating the same patterns with family, friends, career, business, and money? Starting to believe that your actions will not bring in the rewards you seek? Seeing the world through the lens of everyone else around you are successful except you? Often this is when “numbness” becomes our default!

I remember many years ago when I was working in the corporate world as a senior leader. The pace that I was working at was fast. I had targets and deadlines to meet. Constantly feeling under pressure to perform and meet these targets on time and under budget.

Not an uncommon situation in a senior leadership role. Often the default to survive in these situations is to go “numb”. It is a bit like when you put your car into cruise control, you just cruise along at the same speed trying to duck and weave from the bumps on the road. Not taking time to stop and come up for air or even smell the roses. It is just head down and bum up until the job is completed. Regardless of the physical and emotional cost.

Sound familiar?

When numbness becomes our default, a series of events takes place within us. On one hand it serves us well to push ahead and get the job done. However, on the other hand it impacts our body and mind. Creating numbness on many levels.

As our thinking becomes stifled due to the “numbness” of being in “cruise control”, our body starts to experience the physical fall out. Suddenly barriers go up, we feel blocked, stuck and become inflexible. This process is our default and keeps us going to achieve the end goal without any further distractions.

Being in the “numb” zone helps conserve energy. When you are already working at capacity you have no extra energy reserves. So, staying “numb” is a survival technique that serves us well for a period. Eventually something in the body fails and dis-ease within the body and mind begin, an imbalance has begun.

You may experience symptoms, such as anxiety, regular headaches, fatigue, irritable bowel, allergies, mood swings and difficulty sleeping that compound the “numbness”. Quite often these symptoms are ignored, because addressing them requires energy. Energy that we do not have!

Listening to these warning signs is the start to letting go of the “numbness”. You start to feel the emotions that allow you to go deeper and ask yourself “what your purpose”? Do you just want to survive in life, or do you want to have a purposeful life, relationships and career that fulfils you and makes you happy? Bringing success into all aspects of your being.

Things to consider when you move from being “numb” and stop resisting and feeling the blockages:

  1. Awareness – starts with self-responsibility, set your new intentions to help you change the patterns that are currently at play with you.
  2. Resistance – Start to feel the resistance and delve into those thoughts and feeling to get to the root cause. Discover what is it that is creating the fear that is holding you back. You may find that this is a recurring pattern.
  3. Blockages – identifying where the blockages are, pushes you into making courageous choices. Combining these choices with your integrity and values allows you to take action. Starting to anchor into new patterns and a different way of thinking that will create space and more energy.

If this has resonated with you, I would love to hear your story, so drop me a note here.