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Discover the 4 elements of a healthy body and mind

Discover the 4 elements of a healthy body and mind

How often have you been told that you just need to exercise and eat a balanced diet to make you healthy? Often, we think that. However, when you focus on the four key elements, you can create balance along with lasting health and success. So, let’s discover the 4 elements of a healthy body and mind. Then create better overall holistic health. Reclaim that spring in your step.

Last week I caught up with an old friend that I had not seen in a while. During the conversation she asked how my business was going? “Great I said”. Telling her that I am taking my practice to the next level. She was quite curious and asked me to explain.

I told her that this year I had engaged a Spiritual mentor to help support me, as well as take my business to the next level. My friend’s immediate response was “oh so you are moving out of health”. I was a bit taken aback at this! Explaining that spirituality is an essential part of good health. Launching into a rather detailed conversation around my perspective on holistic health.

So, let me share some aspects on my take on health. As humans we consist of four elements. We have the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual element. When we nurture all four of these elements we come from a place of balance in all aspects of our life. We are happy, content, joyful, energised, always positive, and in flow with life.

“Your mind, emotions and body are instruments,

And the way you align and tune them determines

How well you play life”.

Harbhajan Singh Yogi

Living in a disruptive world, surrounded by lots of fear and confusion has a big impact on all four of these elements. It can lead to us to feeling disconnected, lost, lonely, exhausted, sick, anxious, and totally overwhelmed. Generally, this can be an indication that one or more of our four elements are out of balance.

So, let’s explore each element a bit more: –


Represents our intellectual side, the analytics, thoughts, and judgement. The way that we process information, our mind is the control centre. It is the doing part. Thee logical part that drives the body. As we connect with other elements and integrate in a gentle, functional way. It allows us to operate with an open heart that is more giving and understanding, without ego. Bring in some self-compassion and watch the internal shift occur. Recognising our value and self-worth is the foundation to build from. Aligning our values and beliefs lets us get clear on our identity. Being out of balance will manifest in conditions like brain fog, confusion, low self-esteem, doubt, and lethargy. Some techniques to help balance this element is through yoga, cardio exercise, and mentoring.


Represents our physical experience in our world. The physical health of the body must be a priority so that we can be free of pain. We must support, strengthen, and heal the body by creating space and quiet time for meditation, mindfulness, breathing and contemplation. Ingest good-quality nutrition free from preservatives and added chemicals. Move the body in a way that assists the bodies detoxifying process, especially walking barefoot in nature. The physical element is about the strength and health of our cells and organs within the body. Nutrients need to get into the cells to provide the energy required to heal and repair.


Our emotional element is like a bridge between our physical and mental element. Our emotions trigger the actions we need to address before our body becomes aware of them. The more present we become with our feelings, the more effective we will be at understanding the messages coming from them. When we address our emotions, we heal the mind and release fear. As we create space we can now start to heal and strengthen ourselves. Breathing exercises, acts of kindness, forgiveness and dance are some ways that bring the emotional body into balance. As the emotional element strengthens and develops, energy is amplified, intuition is heightened.  Hormones, blood sugar and blood pressure start to normalise and balance


Connects to the universe, we are all interconnected. It encompasses the union between our soul and destiny and everything in-between. Balance of this element leads to more expansive thinking and knowing that we are greater than the sum of our parts. That we are being guided and protected by a higher source. A sign of being disconnected here is having a sense of entitlement, failing to listen to your gut and feeling separate from being an active participant of society. Try meditation, mindfulness, breath work, practice gratitude and kindness to support the balance of the spiritual element.

Interestingly, the mental and physical elements carry a masculine energy, and the emotional and spiritual energies carry feminine energies. By creating a balance within ourselves with the masculine and physical energies not only improves our health and wellness but empowers us for a successful life and career.

If this blog has resonated with you, I would love to hear your thoughts?

P.S: Coming soon in early November 2021 my “TRANSFORM” Retreat, in Queensland. Being held over 5 nights and 6 days this will be a retreat to relax, unwind and go deep within to heal and transform. More information coming soon. If this resonates with you, please drop me a note if you if you would like more information?