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What’s missing in your wellness regime?

What’s missing in your wellness regime?

Sometime ago I wrote a blog about are you a human BE-ing or a human DO-ing. In it I posed the question: “are you just going through the day to day routine or are you taking mindful actions and being consciously aware?” What changes can you make to take control of your life, health, wellness, career and business? Sometimes we just need to go back to basics to see what’s missing in our wellness regime to find the answers?

The key steps are:

Be honest with yourself and ask yourself how are you really feeling? 

What parts of your body feel light and energetic and what areas feel slow and sluggish? 

Do you feel excited about your career or business? 

Do you bounce out of bed every morning or is it a struggle?

Look at what’s working in your life and what isn’t working so well? Are you just doing what feels safe and comfortable?

Are you where you want to be or are you stuck in a holding pattern?

Life becomes easy!

When you find your purpose, you start to align to your soul’s path! As you follow this path, life becomes easy and effortless. It is easy to see the next step and take the appropriate action.

– You move into a state of BE – ing.

– Taking intentional action with a laser focus.

– Experiencing more energy and vitality

– Loving life

– Feeling less stressed and happier

“You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”

Martin Luther King

Being consciously aware!

BE-ing present allows you to go about your daily tasks being mindful, anchoring in your awareness as you consciously create. Mastering you energy one day at a time with conscious awareness. 

Doing the inner work to activate ancient knowledge and wisdom that is available to support you on your journey.  Life is not meant to be hard. Ready to tap into your hidden resources?

BE-ing in a state of flow externally, reflects a state of flow internally. On a cellular level, the cells in the body are working well, absorbing the nutrients they need to support health. The healthier the cells the less risk of getting dis-ease!

Healthy cells!

Healthy cells means more energy. More energy helps increase clarity around your awareness so that you can take inspired action. Vibrant energy means that you are in balance and harmony, feeling lighter. Work and business become effortless and more fun. You are loving your work and attracting your soulmate clients, receiving abundantly for your soul’s work. 

What’s missing in your wellness regime?

  1. Are you nurturing your soul gifts as part of your regime?
  2. If your energy feels heavy, what would you need to do to shift that energy? Perhaps listen to some music, dance, bush walking or ocean swimming?
  3. What does your current wellness regime look like and what does a great wellness regime looks like for you?
  4. Adapting this new wellness regime, how does it make you feel? Excited? Energised?
  5. Now upgrade your wellness regime by taking inspired action.
  6. Give yourself permission to focus on you!

What do you desire!

Decide today that you are going to stop being mediocre and shift into being magnificent. Whatever that means for you! More BE-ing present and less DO-ing!

Committing to a supportive wellness regime, supports your soul, helps you be more present and consciously aware. Becoming more energy efficient and focused on your goals.

Your highest purpose is to align to your soul’s potential. Unlocking your health codes supports you in that alignment.  

We are born with everything we need!

We are born with all the knowledge we need for our journey in this lifetime. This information is stored in our DNA. Storing all our inherited and ancestral information. Scientists believe that we access less than 2% of this information in our DNA. 

So as we choose to awaken we can activate some of our 98% dormant information held in the DNA. Activating our health and wisdom codes allows us to remember ancient knowledge that supports expansion of our unique gifts. 

Our hidden codes!

Helping us to align to our soul’s path and fulfil our purpose on this planet. The key is accessing and activating these codes deep within our DNA.

Are you ready to awaken your dormant codes of health and wisdom? Do you want to reclaim what is yours? Ready to improve your health and grow your business financially?

Join me for my FREE “CODES of HEALTH” Masterclass where I will share more on how unlocking your health codes can help your business grow financially. As a powerful bonus you will receive a health code activation to boost you on your journey!

Yours in health and wellness!