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Are you a Human BE-ing or a Human DO-ing?


Disruption, fear, panic and chaos continues. COVID-19 continues to dominate the global economy and “our world”. The universe has provided a space to slow down. We have become so busy that we have neglected other areas of our life. Time to stop, reset, refocus and reenergise. Are you a human be-ing or a human do-ing?


Equally important, nothing happens by chance, everything happens for a reason? How many times have you heard this statement over the past few months in the grip of this debilitating virus?

Furthermore, the enormity of our global and local situation is extraordinary. However this situation has created many opportunities. It is time to be creative and test out different opportunities.


Imagine using this time of disruption in a positive way?  Using it as a time for to stop, take a breath, refocus, reset and reenergise.
As the world almost grinds to a halt. Now more that ever we need to be creative and “think outside of the box”!

Time to stay calm!

Recently the World Health Organised (WHO) declared stress as the health epidemic of the 21st Century, based on the perceived stress and effects on society. This pandemic will further contribute to the health epidemic if we do not all do our part to mitigate this.

In reality, mental illness is the leading cause of long term sickness absence in Australia costing approximately $12 billion in absenteeism, reduced productivity and compensation claims annually.


45 % of Australians between 16 – 85 years will suffer a mental health condition in their lifetime. That is almost every second person! The impacts of COVID-19, self isolation, quarantine, ill health and other factors will no doubt add to the current global burden.

Looking at these statistics you would be right to think that this health epidemic was the tip of the iceberg! With statistics increasing every day it was heading on an upward trajectory that was unsustainable. Humans have become so busy, stress has increased and health and productivity has been severely impacted.

Research shows that mental health issues are compounded by many factors of this fast paced world that we live in. Our world has slowed down significantly so let’s take a breath and address some of our health problems. To start to reduce our health burden and start living a healthier life. Clarity will rise from under this veil of “busyness”.

Are you a human be-ing or a human do-ing?

Have you stopped to consider if you are just going through the motions? Ticking off your check-list, your to-do list without giving much thought to what is happening in your life and with those around you? 

Having become a nation that is so time poor we have put our health at risk by just being so busy.


Several years ago, I was travelling through London. We were changing tubes in the underground when I recognised a lady run past us. To my amazement it was an old friend from my university days. I shouted out to her and she stopped, recognised me and came running over.

We chatted frantically catching up on all our news and suddenly I remembered that she had been running across the train platform. I quickly said “oh you best get going so that you dont miss your train”. She replied “oh thats ok, I can catch the next train as I am not in any hurry”!!

That memory has stayed with me for many years and I often reflect on that day. Sometimes I believe that being busy can become such a habit because everyone else around us is busy. Or at times it may arise from being lonely or not wanting to be seen as different. Being busy has become the norm!

“As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world,

that is the myth of the atomic age,

as in being able to remake ourselves”.

Mahatma Gandhi


In summary, this current global pandemic has created a slowing down of life. Suddenly a time where we are being forced to slow down, refocus, reset and re-evaluate. A time where we can “remake” ourself.

Global leadership expert, writer and lawyer Robin Sharma talks about the importance of having a deep productivity protocol.  His thinking is very relevant in these current times when humans are being called upon to slow down, reset and refocus!

Sharma’s, key tips to slow down, be present are:-
– Stop saying yes to everyone
– Become a minimalist – using your energy to focus on your genius
– Simplify your life from complexity to simplicity
– Develop habits to create efficiencies
– Plan your week
– Stay positive and surround yourself with likeminded people

Time is Now!

During this period of enforced isolation and downturn, let’s search for the positives. In light of this, get comfortable with the stillness and the quiet in your mind. In addition, ask yourself what it really is that you are seeking. What is your genius? What fills you with joy and happiness?

Finally, start to explore opportunities that you were unable to consider before because of all the noise and business in your life and career. Decide if you are a human be-ing or a human do-ing?

In other words, what changes can you make to take control of your life, health and career that will create joy and happiness? Certainly, this is the perfect time to recalibrate and listen to your “inner voice” and follow your “WHY”. 

Tips to be kind to yourself in all this chaos:-
– Practice self care every day, even if it is reading your favourite book for 30mins
– Enjoy 10 minutes of fresh air and sunshine even if it is only in your garden
– Start listing all the things in your life that no longer serve you and get rid of them and replace with things that resonate in your heart.
– Be kind to yourself and others
– Create in your mind what your perfect day looks like and write it down. Project your thoughts to help create a better situation
– We all have choices!

Till next time, stay strong, healthy and keep a flexible mindset to change and explore different thinking..

Would love to hear your thoughts?