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Your health blueprint – are you coded for health?

Your health blueprint – are you coded for health?

What does your health blueprint look like – are you coded for health?

Have you ever wondered why some people have great health and success in their life and others seem to struggle? Genetics may play a part but we are all able to improve our health.

  • Do you find having good health is a constant struggle?
  • Never having enough energy?
  • Always feeling tired and suffering from insomnia has become your fearful friend?
  • Fatigue, exhaustion and burnout has become a part of who you are? 

Some people suggest that if you eat a “healthy” diet, exercise and meditate then you will be healthy! And while this is partly true, however I believe that there’s more to good health and wellness than that!

Imagine good health!

Imagine if you could activate dormant health codes within your body that help you align to your health blueprint!

So you could experience what good health looks like for you and change your current beliefs that tell you that you are destined for poor health. How would your body and mind feel about that?

What would it feel like for you if you could get your energy behind everything you do – live at a more vibrant frequency?

  • Doing  everything with PURPOSE, with increased AWARENESS and feeling ALIGNED to bringing in joy, happiness, health and success!
  • Being in-flow, joyful without suffering exhaustion
  • Doing what lights you up and feeling great about it
  • Having time to enjoy life instead of always rushing

Our DNA holds the key!

Our DNA holds the blueprint of our life. Within our blueprint we can find many sub groups of our blueprint. 

Imagine a life where you can activate some of your 98% of dormant DNA and awaken your health codes to improve your life? We know that by entering the quantum field, the Akasha, we can energetically explore our health blueprint. 

Building a foundation that deepens our awareness around what is possible, aligning as we let go of resistance and release old beliefs, patterns and ways of thinking that have held us back or are no longer working!. 

Exploring the root cause and setting you free!

What the research tells us!

Dr Joe Dispensa shares his research on the human body stating that its innate intelligence, subconscious mind or spiritual aspects are merely waiting for our permission to act. Going on to confirm that we have the ability to rewire our brains and change our life.

With a regular practice of entering the field of the quantum, the Akasha we give our subconscious mind permission to explore our infinite potential and unlimited possibilities. Exploring what is possible for our health and changing our thinking around this.

Codes of health!

My Codes of Health Masterclass starts to explain how unlocking your codes of health can help you grow financially and shift into an abundance mindset. Stepping into a new paradigm of business having fun, gaining freedom and clarity, leading to an abundance of health and success. 

Check out my Codes of Health Masterclass to learn more.

Affirm: I choose to release and let go of my poor health choices and I give myself permission to create an abundance of health now!