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What happens when you give yourself permission?

What happens when you give yourself permission?

As a consequence of the disruption of the last few years. Ultimately, this has afforded us time and space to slow down, reflect and reassess what is happening in our life. Furthermore, it has been a time of going within and it has felt like doing an internal “spring clean” whilst releasing what no longer felt right in our life. Up until now many of us have just gone with the flow, accepting what is, taking the path of least resistance, however the time to make changes has arrived and opportunities are all around us. What happens when you give yourself permission?

Honour yourself!

This year I gave myself permission to step into a new part of me. In other words, the part that has been hiding in the shadows for some time. Somehow it just felt right, my gut was urging me to go “full steam ahead”. It was like I had been manoeuvring my boat through a storm and went full throttle straight ahead, through the eye of the storm. And guess what happened?

Magic happens!

My world changed before my eyes. In effect, my life and business took on a new trajectory. As a result, I learned to give myself permission to deviate from the norm. Instead of listening to others’ opinions of what I should do and just doing what people expected, I stopped. Hence, I began to offer a new and different perspective in my business on building an authentic career and expansive business whilst improving your personal health.

I opened to the opportunities that were presenting themselves to me. Instead of going into my logical left brain and finding an excuse not to explore these opportunities, I chose to go with what my gut was urging me to do and somehow everything seemed to fall into place. I knew in my heart that this opportunity felt right. I felt excited at the thought of launching into this.

Like magic, the money that I didn’t have to do some additional study suddenly appeared. That was confirmation to me that I was on the right track. I was being called to further develop my skills, knowledge, and spiritual gifts. Skills and gifts that I can share with my clients.  Skills that will support their expansion journey. This allowed me to not only develop myself personally, but it taught me how to trust and embrace change even though it felt impossible and scary at the time.

Shift your energy!

I shifted from being stuck in a comfortable scenario, to being excited about a new venture. Something that I knew deep within was my calling. I was being encouraged to revisit my purpose work and fine tune it, to go deeper and to get more aligned with the work I am doing to provide a better service. A service that is progressive and relevant to what is happening energetically in our world now.

I am still offering 1:1 mentoring programs and workshops for my clients however the content has shifted to support them more energetically, to become more expansive, leading them to receiving more miracles in their career, health, life, and business. The impact has been around them receiving more wealth, more freedom, more impact in their business, and more meaning in their life.

What happens!

So, What happens when you give yourself permission? In effect you surrender to the old paradigm that was part of you and open to new energies and thoughts that are being presented to you in a subtle way. You become part of the bigger picture as your imagination goes to the next level. You dream even bigger than you did before with greater results. When you feel aligned to this, you trust your instincts, knowing that is the right thing for you. You take the leap of faith and realise this is the first step in progressing into the new business and leadership paradigm.

This is called taking intentional action, being aware of what feels good for you and moving forward with it. Letting the doubts and fears slip away as you put more trust in your inner knowing. It feels good and exciting to take on this new you as you start a new movement of success.

Build your character!

It all starts with building your character, firstly checking in to see if your values and beliefs reflect where you are currently at. Do you feel committed to your journey, your goals, and outcomes? Are you doing what you really want to do or are you living someone else’s story and values?

“The content of your character is your choice.

Day by day, what you choose,

what you think,

and what you do is

who you become.”


Some questions to ask yourself to gain some clarity around your character:

  • How much work are you doing on yourself? Are you meditation, journaling, exercising, eating clean food, and practicing gratitude every day?
  • Are you being visible, leading by example consistently?
  • Do you honour yourself and feed your soul?
  • Is your personal and business journey exciting for you or has it become mundane?
  • Do you feel like you are constantly competing with others, losing your identity, the essence of who you have come here to be?
  • Ask yourself “what if” there is a better way to run my business or career?

If this newsletter resonates then join me on Friday for a fun on-line workshop where we will delve deeper into our character and what happens when you give yourself permission?