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It’s your move – your life – shine like a diamond!

It’s your move – your life – shine like a diamond!

Ready to surrender, listen and trust your intuitive guidance as you make a difference. Firstly, the energy surrounding April is very magnetic so trust that you are on the right path and keep attracting more of what you desire. Eventually this will herald in more joy, fun and you will have more focus on improving your health. Lastly, take time for your hobbies and maybe even some travel! It’s your move – your life – shine like a diamond!

Learning new ways!

In reality, shifting from living in our male dominated energy we are starting to feel more comfortable exercising our right brain more. That is to say, this is where our feminine energy lies. With this in mind, we become more aware of this energy allows us to be more creative. As we become more creative, we are more inspired and motivated which forges us ahead as we take intentional action to reach our goals. As a result, balancing our masculine and feminine energies within our body supports our body to heal.

When we go into default mode!

Just to note, this current April energy can be strong and powerful, for some of us it may feel overwhelming! If this is the case, be mindful of these unconscious energies that may be at play that may cause us to default into binging on things such as Netflix, alcohol, or even chocolate! Staying in this default zone for too long can lead us to sabotage our growth and keep us playing small.

As you doubt, you learn to trust,
As you grow, you start to heal,
As you believe you begin to expand,
As you expand, you start to transform,
As you transform, change begins to happen
Change can bring joy, happiness, and success

Joan McEwan

Imagination is the first stage of manifesting!

As an illustration, can you remember as a child watching Star Trek and pretending that you were Captain Kirk? Going to the final frontier, taking his crew to explore places where no man had gone before. Did you ever imagine what it would be like being this character, igniting your imagination? Sometimes pretending to be a lead character in a movie, can stimulate our imagination, triggering our inner wisdom that guides us to unlock our hidden potential.
To point out when we explore our potential through a movie character, not only can it be be fun but it gives us courage to see what is possible. In effect it helps us to grow and expand our mind, reflect on possibilities, and heal. Hence, stepping into what our purpose and passion is with confidence. Gaining a sense of knowing, really trusting who we are and what we really want in our life, career, and business.

Who was your super here!

So, who was your favourite movie character? What qualities did they have that you admired? How did they influence others in the movie? How did that character inspire you? On reflection what were the gaps between you and your favourite movie character? What steps could you take to embrace some of their qualities that would ignite your life? Nothing happens if you don’t initiate action!

Why we should consciously create!

As we consciously create, we deliberately make change happen for us by amplifying our inner knowing. Almost by default we start to release old doubts and fears that have been holding us back and keeping us playing small.
If you are ready to take the next step to up- level in your journey, then this video of one of my recent Masterclass series may help with the next step on your journey. Watch the video here.
If you feel called to watch the video, I encourage you to set your intentions for the new direction you want to take in your life. You may find some useful tips that will help support you.

3 suggestions that may help:

  1. Develop self-care practices for your physical and energetic bodies
  2. Visualise clearly what your future self looks like as you start to become her / him
  3. Own your own thoughts, create your own masterpiece and stop living someone else’s life. It’s your move – your life – shine like a diamond!

Would love to hear your thoughts.