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“What if” I had trusted my intuition?

“What if” I had trusted my intuition?

How many times have you reflected on experiences and decisions that you have made and asked, “what if” I had trusted my intuition? Would the results have been different? Could the outcomes have been better? Often when you ask yourself “what if” you shift the focus of your thoughts and perception from how you see things at that moment in time. It breaks the cycle of being comfortable, defensive, bored, or stagnant. “What if” I had trusted my intuition? “What if” the outcome could have been different?

Recently a friend of mine had been telling me how difficult her job was now. Clients that she was dealing with were being challenging and as a result she felt her job was being made harder. She was feeling angry, defensive, and frustrated! Her clients seemed to be draining her energy!

So, what was really going on here from an energetic perspective? When you have a plan of action and someone comes along and the outcomes shift, it leaves you feeling vulnerable and defensive. It feels as if you have lost control, they have taken your power away. On an energetic level these clients have caused an interference with your energy.

We know that when we feel angry or fearful, we shift into the emotions of being anxious, despair and even blame! However, these emotions resonate at low frequencies that can drain our energy, leave us feeling exhausted, hopeless, and miserable.

Instantly my friend felt vulnerable and started doubting herself that all the hard work that she had prepared was not going to be helpful. When she shifted into this emotion, she quickly realised what had happened and knew that she had to take spirited action.

Hawkins scale of consciousness explains scientifically that when we recognise these feeling such as anger, blame and fear we can shift our thinking and move from a place of feeling disempowered to one of empowerment. This instantly shifts our energy and raises our frequency. Stop getting caught up in other people’s dramas!

Staying in a higher energetic vibration helps us to stay on purpose. Not getting distracted by other’s thoughts. Keeps us on-point with a crystal-clear focus on our plan. Staying in your own lane helps you stay focused and in alignment.

“You have power over your mind,
not outside events.
Realise, think and you will find strength”.

Marcus Aurelius

3 steps to strengthen your energetic boundaries: –

  1. Learn to recognise when other’s people’s energy is impacting you and shift your thinking. Keep out of their drama and their energy field by strengthening your energy.
  2. Keep in your own lane, don’t let other’s thoughts over-ride yours, don’t give away your power!
  3. Get comfortable with who you are, your abilities and your soul plan. When you have clarity, your confidence rises, work becomes enjoyable and inflow.

Are you unsure on how to strengthen your energy and build on your intuition?
Do you fear you will be judged by others or seen as being “woohoo”?

We are all intuitive some just more aware and developed than others. I have put together a fun 5 step plan to explain the journey to unlock your intuition and gain clarity on your soul’s path!

So, if you are ready to journey from feeling misaligned and stifled to becoming mindful, powerful, and successful then join my 4-day free masterclass where we will walk you through the steps to “Unlock your intuitive powers and gain clarity on your soul’s path!