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Tune into your values stay connected intentional and claim what you desire!

Tune into your values stay connected intentional and claim what you desire!

We know that the world is going through massive change and transformation. One of the outputs of this is that we have a new type of leader and entrepreneur emerging. These leaders and entrepreneurs have seen the gaps and are creating solutions and offering purposeful opportunities on a humanitarian, social, personal, and professional level. Tune into your values stay connected intentional and claim what you desire!

Our energy has shifted!

Have you noticed that what you value, and love now is probably different from this time last year?  Our energy and mindset have shifted, and we now have a deeper clarity around what we love, what lights us up. The energy for the next couple of months is reminding us about the power of playfulness. To support our body and mind, we need to learn new ways of being due to all the changes occurring in our lives that are out of our control.

Be courageous!

All of this requires courage, as we surrender to new ways. When you move into the energy of fun and joy and playfulness, this helps you to manifest more. It also encourages you to be more visible in your life, career, and business. This is your time to shine and own who you really are. Tune into your values stay connected intentional and claim what you desire!

Lead with playfulness!

Our creative senses are ignited as we lead with playfulness. Joy enters our life. Your unique codes that lie within you are being activated as you heal through joy are playfulness. You are now stepping into a space where you can redefine what success means to you, letting go of old ways of thinking and social programming that are no longer relevant.

This shift creates an inner balance of our masculine and feminine energies. As this aligns, it allows us to accelerate our creativeness as well as taking action on what we want to create and manifest. We become more purposeful and elevate our happiness and success.

Ask yourself “where are you dimming the light in your life?”  Where are you not aligned; what mask do you need to let go of? Success occurs when you are clear about what you want to achieve in your life and career. Be generous and share your gifts, come from a place of being in service.

Own it!

Be strong with knowing who you are and how can you use your gifts to contribute to making the world a better place. Stretch yourself out of your comfort zone and say yes to your challenges to let go of the old and grow into the new. Challenge the old ways as many of them have become irrelevant with our shift in mindset.

We are all powerful creators, and this process becomes easier when we stop overthinking and look inward and trust our inner knowing and focus on joy and playfulness. Let go of the fear, control, and ego state that can hold you back from repeating old patterns and beliefs.Tune into your values stay connected intentional and claim what you desire!

“Courage is knowing what not to fear”


Fear can keep us stuck!

We know that when we live in fear, we sabotage our potential to succeed. We may fear failing, being visible, not being good enough or even being successful. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the organs in the body correlate to specific emotions. Fear and anxiety correlate to the kidneys. Therefore, an additional way to help support, strengthen and balance your body and mind is to be mindful of your kidneys. Remember when we support our physical body we also support our emotional and energetic bodies and we can grow and succeed easier in our life, business, career, and relationships.

Some tips to consider: –

  1. Eat foods that strengthen and support your kidneys such as blueberries, garlic, cranberries, olive oil, cauliflower, and salmon, although there are many other foods.
  2. Reduce or remove refined and processed foods from your diet
  3. Remove sugar from your diet
  4. Increase fibre-rich fruit and vegetables
  5. Reduce alcohol intake and stay hydrated
  6. Keep an eye on your blood pressure as high blood pressure may indicate some stress on your kidneys
  7. Just breath and remember less is more

Moving through this exciting year I encourage all female leaders and entrepreneurs to stay balanced, support their bodies, mind, and spirit. By doing this you will activate your unique codes that will support your health and success.

Love to hear what you are doing to escalate your success in career, business, and life this year?