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Transformation is an ongoing process invest in your health!

Transformation is an ongoing process invest in your health!

Now is a magical time to launch into the year refreshed and invigorated. I have spent the past month focused on working with clients 1:1. But mostly I have spent time healing, re-aligning, and upgrading my energetic system as I prepare for this important year supporting my clients with an elevated energy and awareness to create sustained success, wealth, and happiness. Transformation is an ongoing process invest in your health!

Over the years practicing as a Naturopath and health professional, one of the key principles I encouraged my clients to do is to commit to a “springtime – spring clean” on an emotional and physical level. This “declutters the body” and creates space and lightens the energy. As this happens it boosts your health and vitality.

Changing seasons reflect change and new beginnings, or a change of pace and direction.  As a result, it is a perfect time to flush out the old and make way for the new, both physically and energetically. As you start to detox the liver jumps into action as it is the major detoxification organ in in the body. When it goes to work, cleaning out the toxins your body starts to feel lighter. The brain fog lifts as you gain clarity on your purpose work. As you nurture your physical body, your energetic body starts to ignite. Your energy and vitality increases.

A helpful affirmation for this year is

“Simplicity is the key; less is more and I am at peace and in alignment with this”.

Joan McEwan


According to researchhere are 6 of the healthiest foods that will keep your liver healthy are:

  • Grapefruit – This fruit is high in antioxidants called naringin and naringenin, which can help protect your liver by reducing inflammation and protecting liver cells. They may also help reduce fat build-up in the liver and increase fat-burning enzymes.
  • Green Tea – A recent study showed that green tea may reduce overall fat content in the liver and reduce oxidative stress.
  • Red and Black Berries – Like blueberries, cranberries, and raspberries are high in antioxidants that help protect your liver from damage.
  • Cruciferous Vegetables – This includes vegetables such as Brussels sprouts and broccoli. These powerhouse veggies are loaded with many compounds that can protect the liver by boosting liver enzyme levels, decreasing oxidative stress, and more.
  • Fatty Fish – Like tuna, cod, and Atlantic salmon. These provide you omega-3 fatty acids that reduce inflammation and have been shown to be very beneficial for your liver.
  • Beetroot Juice – Research has shown that beetroot juice may reduce inflammation and oxidative damage in the liver, and boost detoxification enzymes.

Make a change!

Now is the time to shift from being busy to taking the time to create space to think and be creative. You will find the more that you do this the more you will get done in a shorter space of time. Living and focusing on the present prevents distractions from the past or future.

Focus on your mental, physical and emotional areas!

The more that you understand you and your body helps you see what your journey in life is about, supports your success in all avenues of your life. 3 key areas to consider that will help you reach your potential: –

  • MENTAL: the mind is the control centre. It is the doing part, the logical part that drives the body. Practice letting go of ego and being non-judgemental. Take time to meditate and listen to the messages that come to you during this time.
  • PHYSICAL: the physical health of the body must be a priority. Consider regular detoxing. Support, strengthen and heal the body by creating space and quiet time for meditation and contemplation. Ingest good-quality nutrition free from preservatives and added chemicals. Move the body regularly, the body is not designed to sit for extended periods.
  • EMOTIONAL: our emotions trigger the actions we need to address before our body becomes aware of them. The more present we become to listen to our feelings, the more effective we become at responding to our inner knowing. When we address our emotions, we start to heal on all levels of our physical and emotional body. Slow down and listen to your inner knowing.

Slow down and go within to support your health, career and life!

The energy around this year will support us to move at a slower pace, going deeper within, and getting more benefits and lasting results as we align to our higher purpose. Creating space to grow and embody our learnings that support us further. To do this we need to get our body on-board and make sure that it is being looked after.

As we move forward this week, we need to get a balance of taking action and relaxing so that we create a space to manifest our goals. This keeps our body vibration elevated, and we will start attracting clients and friends who resonate with us.

Some tips to keep your body in good shape: –

  1. Eat high fibre foods
  2. Regular exercise
  3. Reduce alcohol intake
  4. Drink lots of water and prevent dehydration
  5. Maintain a healthy weight for your age and height

Would love to hear when you plan your next spring-clean?