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Moving from dependancy to empowerment!

Moving from dependency to empowerment!

Generally speaking the first quarter of this year has had a big focus around being still, slowing down and going within and reflecting. In short, this has allowed us time and space to plan the rest of the year in alignment and harmony to do our purpose work. This year’s mantra is more is less, cut out the noise and be in the present moment. Moving from dependency to empowerment!

Listen to the signs

As often is the case, when you don’t listen, the universe has a way to make you listen! I have spent the beginning of this year recovering and healing from a broken leg. This has given me the perfect opportunity to slow down, reflect and go within as I allowed my body to heal.

The inner work!

I spent the first few weeks very immobile and dependant on others and I must admit that as much I was grateful my confidence took a hit. This gave me more time and inner focus to look at why all these factors were triggering me? In the work I do I always tell my clients that when you feel vulnerable and fearful, it is time to do the shadow work and clear these fears. So here was the teacher being forced to take some of her own advice! Never an easy process but sticking with it is not only powerful but incredibly rewarding.

So, 8 weeks post operatively I had made huge progress however the closest I could get to my favourite place (the beach) was this beachside bench with my crutches in tow. Just getting to the beach and feeling the fresh salty air in my face and hearing the crashing sounds of the surf was healing for my soul. My mood shifted immediately and gave me a sense that I could achieve anything just by making the effort. Even though getting to the beach was a huge effort, it taught me several key lessons: –

  1. One step at a time, keep moving forward no matter how tough the obstacle may seem
  2. Don’t let your mind limit your potential just because your situation has changed and become more difficult
  3. Never underestimate the power of self-responsibility and connecting with nature, it is more beneficial than a tonic in a bottle at times

Let go of resisting!

During this healing journey I reached out to people to help support me, as I climbed over my hurdles. At times these seemed insurmountable and the vulnerability kept showing up. However, we all kept going giving each other strength and wisdom along the way.

To ask and receive is a big lesson that does not come easily to many of us. Surrendering is one of the first steps in releasing old patterns, behaviours and ways of thinking that can hold us back. Keeping us stuck. The more you surrender, the more your focus turns to hope as you gain courage to seize opportunities and the impact from this is that it creates more space. Remember the saying, “out with the old and in with the new”?

“Nothing will work unless you do”

Maya Angelou

Create space!

Now reflecting on the past few months as I have healed, shed old ways of doing and created a space and a lighter energy to take me to the next level in my life and business. It seems like a similar process is taking place as the paradigm of leadership shifts in business and organisations.

My recovery took me from, moving from dependency to empowerment! Just like the current paradigm of leadership is being shaken and encouraged to shift away from a “dependency” style as leaders are being encouraged to empower their teams more.

Get to know yourself first then others!

So, what does that mean for leaders? Well, in a word the forward-thinking leaders will start to look at their weaknesses and vulnerabilities. To move through these effectively and successfully with the support of someone they trust. Research shows that senior leaders seek out mentors that they can relate to, someone who gives reliable feedback and who can share relevant stories that support their development positively. They found that obtaining a mentor who was a good match achieved great outcomes.

In essence, these relations require trust, confidentiality and being able to “think out of the box”. Blending and balancing the use of the left and right side of the brain sparks the creative juices. Leading to a different approach to leadership, a softer and more collaborative one that empowers others.

Take intentional action!

Astrologically, this week’s energy supports “taking intentional action”. Follow your dreams and do what ignites the fire within your belly. Surrender to the resistance you feel inside and own it. When you do this with a passion the way that you look at life shifts in an instant.

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs,

ask yourself what makes you come alive.

And then go and do that.

Because what the world needs

is people who are alive”.

Howard Thurman

Consider these 3 points to support you Moving from dependency to empowerment!

  1. Set your clear boundaries as you set yourself up to shine
  2. You can’t give from an empty cup, self-care and self-responsibility are paramount. Fill your cup first
  3. Start using more of the right side of your brain, your creative side, pause, listen, lean-in and take intentional action as you become more visible

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts?