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Control the controllables and elevate YOU!

Control the controllables and elevate YOU!

It is easy to go with the flow. In other words, the path of least resistance always seems to be an easier option. Being on autopilot stunts growth, happiness, and success. Are you feeling your calling to shift gear, change direction and create a life and career that is exciting, purposeful, and expansive? Above all, is it time to control the controllables and elevate YOU!

Recently I have chatted with Maria, a professional woman looking to step out of her corporate job, stating that it no longer lights her up. She has been climbing the career ladder for 10 years and feeling very disillusioned, bored, and empty inside. She felt that she has reached a crossroads in her life, her inner knowing is telling her that she has more to do with her life.

Being fearful in part is holding her back. However, she doesn’t know how to make the shift. Maria just felt overwhelmed and lost despite being an executive leader. This is new territory for her, and she lacked the clarity and confidence to take the next step. So, we sat down and discussed a plan over a cup of tea. It was time for Maria to control her controllables.

We are living in extraordinary times where we are “awakening”. Clarity is emerging where, for many of us, it is causing a strong sense of discomfort, an uneasiness and you just can’t put your finger on it. Many professional women are feeling the rumblings and their inner knowing is nudging them to make a shift. To become curious, to explore avenues that they are being called to. To find that new role or start a purpose-driven business that will light them up. Now is the time to control the controllables and elevate YOU!

“If you conquer yourself,

then you conquer the world”

Paulo Coelho

Taking the first step to leaving a comfortable, safe job can be daunting. It is a bit like sailing a boat through a storm. It can be bumpy and rough while exhilarating all at the same time. Challenging and exhausting. Eventually, calm seas prevail, and an inner calmness ignites. It feels like your whole being has been tested so that you can showcase your courage and determination. Bringing about a certain clarity to get you focused on your new direction, to get you on point. Understanding your unique point of difference is where the magic happens.

This clarity brings a deeper awareness, it is a gift that allows you to shift the focus to YOU. The theme is self-responsibility. This first step is required to allow your vibration to increase, which supports you as your energy centres re-align. Your purpose work is starting to shine through.

Therefore, now is the time to do the inner work, your shadow work. Now is the time to start to feel and acknowledge what aspects of you are working for you and what is not. Similarly, what is lighting you up with a sense of excitement? After that, clear out old energy as you start to release your negative self-talk and recurring patterns.

However, the more clearing and activations you receive and do here, the more clarity you gain as you start to consciously create. To anchor in your awareness, you consciously choose to engage in a daily habit of self-care practices. This is non-negotiable if you wish to succeed. Get clear on who you are. Most of all, what you think, you create, what you feel, you attract and manifest.

Above all, can you relate to this? If so you are not alone. Many of us are feeling the shift to come online and step into the purpose work that will allow us to be fulfilled, purposeful, happy, and expansive. Doing more good in the world as a conscious creator.

Some tips to get you started: –

  1. Map out what your new vision looks like, be very specific, imagine how you will feel when you achieve this. Bring your emotions into your vision.
  2. Unpack a plan with a timeline of what this looks like and how you will achieve this vision. List the steps you will need to take and make sure that they are achievable.
  3. Start manifesting your vision and make sure that you have fun as you bring your vision to life.
  4. Measure how you feel once you have done this on a scale of 1 -10, if your score is less than 10, try and meditate on your vision and in your mind increase your score to 10. This is how you start to consciously create.

In conclusion, what are the controllables in your life that you can control, edit, and change that will elevate you to the next stage of your journey? Would love to hear your thoughts. I can’t wait to hear the changes you are planning to implement.