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Time to simplify your life and reach your potential!

Time to simplify your life and reach your potential!

Last week I was in a coaching session with one of my clients. Again I was reminded how much women leaders need to simplify their life and careers. To point out, I find that many of these high-performing women are feeling like they just want space to think, to take time out from their busy life and career to heal. As a mater of fact, this year is the perfect time to simplify your life and reach your potential!

Whats happening?

So, what I have been finding that many women in leadership, are living with so much noise and clutter. This prevents them from reaching their full potential. After all, the mindset gets “foggy”, and you effectively go into a holding pattern. Ultimately it feels a bit like survival mode. Just trying to keep your head above water.

Too busy!

Often when we are in this state of busyness. Hard to see clearly, and it is easy to default into overwhelm and denial. We know that our health is being impacted but our mind is telling us to ignore it. In reality, we just don’t have the time or energy to deal with it. Ultimately, we have to nurture our health. Not only to survive but strengthen our foundation to gain energy and vitality to reach our potential in life.

Hobbies are therapy!

My client mentioned she really enjoyed gardening, loved to get her feet and hands in the ground. Just to connect with nature. That was her happy place. However, over the last year, she had become so busy with work, family, and life that she did not have free time to spend in her garden. The place that allowed her to recharge and think. Her life had become so complicated and lost a lot of meaning.

 “Getting rid of everything that doesn’t matter allows you to remember who you are.

Simplicity doesn’t change who you are, it brings you back to who you are”

Courtney Carver


Scientists, now have evidence that suggests if you want more happiness in your life, you must simplify your life as a priority.  For this reason, the less you have to worry about the more time you have to focus on your health, relationships, and family. In effect, leading you to appreciate the simpler things in life. Such as a walk-in nature, listening to the birds, and smelling the aroma of flowers. Research shows that as you simplify your life, your body starts to feel lighter, you let go of negative emotions and become more vibrant on a mental, emotional, and physical level.

Mindset and values!

However, it makes sense to start to shift your mindset and take time to simplify your life and reach your potential! Being clear on your values and having an agile mindset allows you to flex with the changes to step into your personal power. As your vibrational energy increases it becomes easier as your mind, body and soul integrate and become more balanced.

Getting rid of extra baggage that is no longer serving you creates space to get clear on who you are and what your purpose is. This is something only you can do, it starts with you!

Here are 3 tips:-

  • Learn to say no, prioritise what is important for you
  • Do regular inner self-reflection, time to get to know who you are
  • Move your body and improve the nutrition that you are putting in your body. Ask yourself is this high-energy food or low-energy food?

It’s as easy as just taking one step at a time. You just need to take the first step and the momentum picks up and each day becomes easier and lighter. Focus on your breathing, which will help with you staying present.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts?


Joan is a Transformational Health & Wellness Expert who consults to heart-centric organisations to help implement their health programs as well as mentoring and coaching high performing women. I help ignite intuition and light people up from the inside-out. Reach out to Joan at [email protected] and see how she may help you..