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Believe it is possible and do it!

Believe it is possible and do it!

Do you sometimes wonder that you may not be deserving of being this high-performing individual? It can be common to have fear around being your best self and this prevents you from achieving even more. Shift your mindset and believe it is possible and do it!


We all have choices that open us up to a world of possibility. As you open up to possibilities presented to you . Your energy lightens, and you start to feel that a shift has occurred! Feeling courageous and know you have much more to offer. This impact of seeing your possibilities starts to break down the barriers that are limiting your progress. You start to believe in yourself.


Often my clients will say to me, that they are so afraid that they will wake up one day and find themselves in a senior position that they feel they don’t deserve! Despite many of them being overqualified for their position. They just lack that confidence and self-belief in themselves.

That is when we need to focus on self-compassion and be kind to ourselves.

“I’ve been searching for ways to heal myself, and I’ve found that kindness is the best way.”

Lady Gaga


Research shows that when you practice kindness it can affect you both physically and physiologically. When we exhibit kindness, either to ourselves or others it makes us feel good, helping us to connect to others. The body responds by releasing a hormone known as the kindness hormone oxytocin. Scientists have found that when a person is doing more kindness, they appear to experience less stress and build resilience.

Kindness matters!

As Wayne Dyer often mentions, when you practice kindness with intention and no expectation, that is when the benefits are received. You have to truly be in service and remove your ego influence from the act. That is where our self-growth starts. You must look after yourself first, to break down the self-doubt and fear around you becoming your best -self.


As many of you who know me, know that I talk about low lying energies and high-flying energies. That is, lower-level energies attract lower-level emotions such as fear and anger, they predispose you to chaos, dis-order, and dis-ease. The more that you practice kindness to yourself with intent, you stay present, no expectation, and no judgment. Your energy elevates. Leaving you feeling better about yourself, more energised, and increasing your self-worth. Believe it is possible and do it!

So how does this relate to chronic disease? Why is it so important to us at this point when we are so busy with our careers?

We know when we make good lifestyle choices at all stages of our life it has a compounding effect and helps prevent illness for as long as possible. Risk factors such as high-stress levels, poor nutrition, lack of physical activity, smoking, and excessive alcohol all contribute to increasing our risk of chronic disease.  

When these risk factors are present within us, our body has to work harder than normal to keep up with our life and schedule. Resulting in a depletion of our energies. And so, the vicious cycle begins of working harder for less return. Increasing our stress levels, leading to an increase in negative thoughts and feelings. It doesn’t take long for us to start on the downward spiral with our health.

A national health study conducted in 2018, found that the most common chronic diseases that are affecting Australians are: –

  • 20% suffer mental and behavioural conditions
  • 16% experience back problems
  • 15% suffering from arthritis
  • 5% living with diabetes
  • 2% are affected by cancer

So, what’s the point?

We are all responsible for our health and how our life unfolds. Taking control of what we can control will set us up for a healthier, happier, and more fulfilled life. You just need to believe it is possible and do it! Think about what changes you can make today to start the shift in your mindset?

Look forward to hearing your thoughts?