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Strengthen Your Health to Boost Your Productivity!

We all know how well we function when we feel good, eating nutritious clean food, exercising regularly and participating in self care activities. Regular maintenance of our body and soul strengthens the connection between body, mind and spirit. Strengthen Your Health to Boost Your Productivity!

Busy Life!

Have you noticed when you get so busy with life, job and career that often self care practices are placed “on hold”? Your health takes a “back seat”? Excuses are often made that tiredness is a result of being so busy. In part this may be correct. However often the tiredness is attributed to the drop off in regular habits of exercising, eating regular, nutritious meals and taking time out for “you”!

“Happiness is the new rich,
Inner peace is the new success
Health is the new wealth
Kindness is the new cool”

Syed Balkhi


Reflecting back over the years, I remember as a child that everybody in the neighbourhood had a veggie garden and grew their own vegetables. We cooked our own food. Fast food was not readily available as it is today. Our main mode of transport was a push bike! We were always out in the fresh air. We had routines. They were all simple and effective. Without even being aware of what we were doing. All these practices enabled the process to strengthen your health to boost your productivity! To create balance!


Fast forward to today, we are a society of “shortcuts”. We buy ready made meals, we have our meals delivered to our door. We are so busy working we have little time for relaxation. The atmosphere is more polluted now. Habits and routines constantly become broken or forgotten – just too busy.

Chemicals are in the everyday food that we eat and drink. The environment is more polluted. Our bodies are exposed to more toxins and as a result of our diet and lifestyle our bodies are less robust. We participate in more sedentary tasks, watch more TV and become influenced by what we see. Our body systems have adapted to all these changes and has resulted in weaknesses in our body and mind.

Disruptors in Life!

All these disruptors in our life and the effects they have on our health affect how happy and productive we are. For example when experiencing high levels of stress over a period of time, multiple systems in the body are affected. The way we think, the way we behave, the way we act and the way we work are all affected.


Like everything in life, everything happens for a reason!
– To learn a specific lesson
– Gain an experience
– Question or validate where your current situation or thoughts
– Make changes
– Refocus
– Evaluate
– Slow down
– Increase pace and productivity
– Guide you on your journey with gratitude

So how do we get back on track to think clearer and become more productive?

3 Tips to strengthen your health through music:-

  1. Listen to classical music to strengthen your heart, decrease blood pressure and reduce heart rate
  2. Music is one of the “best medicines” for brain health by encouraging the production of “feel good” chemicals such as Dopamine
  3. Studies have shown that listening to music can reduce stress levels, improve sleep patterns, regulate body hormones and sugar and fat metabolism

A simple act of listening to music has shown improved health at a cellular level. Releasing and modulating chemicals in the body to heal and repair. Slow classical music is more relaxing and restorative whereas fast music can increase motivation and enhance productivity.

If you are finding it hard to start working on your health then maybe listening to more selective pieces of music may give you the boost you need to start your journey to a more productive, healthier and happier you!

Look forward to hearing your thoughts?