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Fresh Eyes Increase Leadership Potential!

Fresh Eyes Increase Leadership Potential! Hence why it is important to seek out the appropriate coach to help take you to the next stage of your career. Over the course of my career I have engaged many “coaches”. Helping with my personal and professional development. Some coaches I have had for short periods and others for extended periods. In the pursuit of continuous improvement and growth!

” We are only as blind as we want to be”

Maya Angelou

Choose Wisely!

For instance, I remember one particular business coach that I engaged. He was recommended by a friend whom I trusted. After the first session, my gut was telling me this person was not serving my best interests.

What Had Happened?

I had failed to clearly define the outcomes I required from this coach. My intention had not been clear. I had allowed this “coach” to drive the process and he only had one plan – his plan! It was a costly lesson for me! 

Research shows that personal development is the foundation for career growth. It not only improves career opportunities but impacts society in general. A study of 1000 participants showed up to 96% of their personal development goals failed!

Setting the Scene

Setting goals requires intention, with steps put in place to reach the goals in a realistic timeframe. Goals are best achieved with the support of “people in your corner”. People who will hold you to account, nurture and support you. These are important strategies for success.

Individuals need to choose the best practice that feels comfortable for them. It could perhaps be a coach, a friend, a colleague or the work team. Think carefully what would work best for you. Whatever the decision you will be required to do the work. Your “coaching” team are there to guide, support and hold you to account. 

Fresh Eyes Increase Leadership Potential!

Self Awareness!

Self awareness is the key to getting great results and creates space to be receptive to new ideas. Going within allows us to get a clear view of how we feel. Having clarity  as the research suggests allows us to be more confident and creative. Giving rise to making impactful decisions and building strong relationships. It has also been found that this inner work, makes people more effective, productive and ethical.

I believe that to do the inner work successfully requires 3 key elements and 3 anchors to stabilise the process and create a plan: –

1. Physical – develop a sound understanding of where your body is currently at. How well is it working and what are the known deficiencies.

ANCHOR 1 – Developing an AWARENESS

2. Emotional – identify your emotional baseline. Understand your norm and what triggers affect the baseline. Being honest with yourself.

ANCHOR 2 – Being an AGENT of change

3. Spiritual – being spiritual is synonymous with being loving and kind firstly to yourself and then to others. Allowing the integration of energy with the material aspects of life. Connecting at a deeper level with your emotions.

ANCHOR 3 – Learning to trust with ACCEPTANCE

In other words, connecting these anchors with the elements, creates the blueprint to start the inner work. Doing this inner work heightens your intuition and supports a deeper clarity.

It is only once you have started the work on yourself can you expert your team to trust and follow your vision. A healthy respect is developed. As a leader you have created a shift in your energy that ultimately impacts your team on a subtle level.

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