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Be the Architect of Leadership!

We are all capable to Be the architect of Leadership!

“You were designed for accomplishment,

engineered for success and

endowed with the seeds of greatness.”

Zig Ziglar

Lead Ourself First!

Author JK Rowling (aka Jo) she is the 9th best selling fiction author of all time and one of the wealthiest women in the world. She grew up surrounded by books and wrote her first book at 6 years of age. Gaining a university education, she continued to write and travel. In 1990 she started to map out her 7 Harry Potter books. This journey took her 5 years and many setbacks!

From an early age Jo always knew she would be an author. She was talented and passionate about reading and writing. Her adult years were tumultuous, experiencing a failed marriage, becoming a single parent of a young girl, jobless and penniless and fell  into depression.

Having received multiple rejections from book publishers on her Harry Potter manuscripts. Finally in 1997 a London publisher accepted her manuscript and the rest is history. 450 million copies have been sold.

Zig Ziglar – 10 rules to create success:-

Lets look at how JK Rowling applied these rules by Zig Ziglar to create success?

  1. Dream – JK Rowling had a dream from the age of 6 that she would be a book author
  2. Think as a champion – JK Rowling always knew she would publish a book
  3. Commitment – JK Rowling read and wrote scripts every spare minute she had – she never gave up even when times were hard
  4. Do it right now – Jo kept writing despite the hardships she was experiencing
  5. Be prepared – JK Rowling extensive reading and research gave her insights into developing her books
  6. Keep your word – Jo remained committed, never faltering on her dream of being an author
  7. Set goals – JK Rowling goals was to keep going until she could find a publisher who would accept her manuscripts. She persevered.
  8. Evaluate where you are – JK Rowling was very aware of her position, living on welfare, supporting a child as a lone parent with no money and suffering from a mental health condition
  9. Have integrity – JK Rowling remained true to her beliefs. She supported her family and believed so strongly in her purpose that she maintained her writing and pursuing a publisher for her books without compromising her values.
  10. Dont quit – JK Rowling never considered quitting

Become Your Own Leader!

JK Rowlings demonstrates that magic really can happen when you become the architect of your life. Your become your own leader first before you can lead anyone else. When you look inward and understand what needs to be learned. This prepares you to build success.

Peer group pressure, can blindside you when progress is slow or difficult. When you invest and believe in yourself. Placing a value on your worth. That is the key!.

To be the architect of leadership try and apply these rules to create structure. Firstly, it starts with your inward journey!

Following these 10 rules has allowed JK Rowling to capture her uniqueness and stay true to her values and beliefs. Doing the work, staying true to her vision and delivering it in service. 

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