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Respect is an Inside Job to Enhance Trust!

Respect is an inside job to enhance trust! Many years ago I rented a heritage listed home just outside Edinburgh with my partner. Finding a historical house to live in was not easy. Our dreams had come true! Unfortunately, we were soon to be challenged around our values on respect and trust.


Moving . into our new home caused us to challenge our beliefs and question “was respect and inside job to enhance trust!”

We moved into this heritage listed home and made the house our home with our furniture and belongings. 

So, in years gone by this village was the common stop for travellers to rest themselves and their horses before embarking on the final stage of their journey. Behind the roadhouse was a paddock for the horses to rest up.

The Story!

The story went that in the 1800’s this roadhouse provided food and shelter for the travellers to rest before making their way into Edinburgh to sell their wares. An old lady lived in the roadhouse all her life and apparently died there. Since that time she has “care-taken the house”

The locals told many stories about “the ghost” of the roadhouse. The old lady who they claimed “haunted” the house we were renting. 

First Night!

During the first night in the house, we heard noises that sounded like footsteps climbing the stairs towards the lounge. Remembering what the locals had told us. Wondering, could the house really be haunted? We pushed those thoughts out of our mind. Falling asleep with no more thoughts of the “ghost”

Next day, we found the chairs in the lounge had been moved and placed in a different position. We tried to justify what we saw. Moved the furniture back to the previous location and went to work.

The next night we went to bed. Again we heard the footsteps on the stairs again. Refusing to acknowledge this noises we pulled our head under the covers and went to sleep. Next morning we went into the lounge only to find the chairs had been moved again!

Did we really have a ghost in the house?

No Logical Explanation!

Furthermore, no logical explanation could be found on how the chairs had been moved 2 nights in a row. Consequently we made a decision not to move the chairs back and see what happened. Often we heard the sound of footsteps climbing the stairs at night however, no further chair movement occurred.

We had committed to stay in this house for 6 months. We decided to respect “the ghost’s wishes” and chose to leave the chairs where they were. As a result we continued to experience “noises in the night”, but the chairs stopped moving! Perhaps “the ghost” was trusting us?

Deciding that we could all live in this house by respecting each others views. As a result we decided to respect the “ghost” and what she wanted. That was our lesson. Respect leads to trust!

Respect is a Career Limiting Habit!

Starting to apply some logic around our experience I came across some research showing that 97% of employees have career limiting habits. Interesting the 6th habit is disrespect.

Respect starts with personal growth. Create time for yourself, look within and measure where you are and always be looking for ways to improve. Challenge yourself and do full spectrum thinking.

The more honest you are with yourself the more you refine your thoughts and beliefs. Remove judgement. Set your standards as a benchmark. Listen to others views and keep an agile mind.

Seems like awareness allows you to refine any misalignments.

Respect – 3 Key Tips

1. Lead by example – Above all create a set of rules to follow so you have a benchmark. A list of “above line behaviours”. Do they serve you?

2. Apply the law of attraction – the more you respect yourself, the more you will respect others. Win – win situation.

3. Amplify your energy – continue to believe in yourself, sharpen your awareness and growth will follow. You become a better person.

Basic rules! When you treat people the way you want to be treated. Respect and trust is gained. Consequently, strengthening the inner belief systems increases personal value . Look for the best in everyone and you will find it. Trust Yourself!

Respect is an Inside job where it all starts with you!

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