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Playing Fair Requires Rules to be a Great Leader!

As Sean Covey stated ” Isn’t it kind of silly to think that tearing someone else down builds you up”! Playing fair requires rules to be a great leader. Creates an even ground that builds people up, supports and develops connection and trust.

Time for Change!

Above all, the world is changing faster that ever before. A global opportunity has appeared where the norms are being challenged. New ways of thinking and learning are being encouraged. Playing Fair is part of the recipe to assist this growth.

Consequently we have the opportunity to create balance in our workplaces!

Leadership Shift!

The autocratic leadership style is dissipating as it no longer serves. Welcome in a more collaborative and inclusive leadership style. This requires a “reset” in thinking, changing mindset. A new paradigm of leadership.

An amazing opportunity has emerged with 5 generations currently in the workforce. So much knowledge, skills, ideas and abilities to utilise, breakdown and remodel into a style that is conducive to the current world. A style that builds and lifts the collective, supporting health and wellbeing.

What if??

As I reflected on that role as a senior leader, I realised that there had been no space to think. Most of the time I expected my team to know the project and deliver against it. The question that I asked myself was how fulfilled were the team? How much more job satisfaction could they have got it I had been clearer on the vision and goals?

I often think, maybe if I had articulated the rules clearer and encouraged more collaboration, how different it may have been. Rather, it seemed at that time that too much collaboration would of slowed the project down. Completion of the job efficiently and on target was the objective.

How many of us can relate to that scenario?

Stepping up and having the difficult conversations, creates a space to reset the ground rules. Likened to a double edged sword.

Hence, fast forward to where we are now and the answer is perhaps!. Perhaps i could of managed my team differently. It’s easy in hindsight to see that improvements could of been of benefit in all areas. Living in an environment that dynamic, fast paced and reactive, it can be “hard to breath and come up for air”. Pushing forward in ways that are safe is often the compromise that we make.

Why Diversity Matters?

The benefits of diversity and inclusion in the workplace are many including retaining talent, maximising productivity and increased job satisfaction.

Strong diversity climates – are linked to reduced instances of interpersonal aggression and discrimination
– 2016 – 65% of employees felt that the respectful treatment of all employees was a very important factor in their job satisfaction

Research shows, as a leader, building an inclusive culture starts with inclusive meetings! The conversation begins!

Leaders! It starts with you! Allocate time to interact with the team, to get to know them and for them to know you. Playing Fair requires rules to be a great leader. Time to get real – be you!

In addition, laying the ground rules for meetings is paramount. Be clear with your expectations. It’s a 2 way street to create a “win win” situation. Creating momentum as the positive energy has been amplified.

3 Tips for a leader to build a diverse and inclusive work culture:-

– Be transparent on your purpose and vision
– Share your vision
– Lead by example – be the role model

Action precedes clarity, amplify your energy to increase momentum and productivity. This leads you on your journey to mastery. By playing fair and being transparent and “real” encourages diversity and inclusion as part of the leadership journey.

As a leader how well are you managing a diverse and inclusive workplace? Do you have clear rules in place? What is working well?

Love to hear how diverse and inclusive your workplace is?