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Project Your Vision of the Future!

Create Your Reality!

To explain, you can create your reality by projecting your thoughts and capturing them in your action plan. This allow the individual to take some control of where they want their life to go in these uncertain times. Action plans facilitate the process of when you project your vision of the future. It provides a tool to focus, create clarity and inspire. 

Project your thoughts into the future to make your dreams come true by bringing them to life. Focus on specific goals in all aspects of your life, get clear on what they are by using all your senses to bring them to life.

Uncertainty to Clarity!

This current situation with COVID-19 has caused much fear and anxiety in our world due to all the uncertainty. This had led to discussions with some clients around the need to control what we can control.

This all starts with our thoughts, what our intent is and an action plan or otherwise know as a vision board. I prefer using action plan as it has a sense of urgency and of “doing”. 

Currently we need a clear plan of how we are going to get through these challenging times and be ready to launch into life post COVID-19. Time to grab hold of the steering wheel of the car and start steering it in the direction that we want. Control the controllables!

Our World!

In effect we are creating a virtual world for ourself where we are the designer of our future. Bringing our thoughts to life to create our dreams. It’s all about taking action to bring your thoughts to life by creating awareness.

” If you can dream it, you can do it”!

Walt Disney

Bring to Life!

In essence an action plan works when you bring your thoughts to life and attach emotions to them. Start to create an abundance of what you want in your life and experience how that makes you feel. It works on the universal law of attraction, like attracts like. 

Firstly you get clear on what it is you want. It’s like turning on the light when you are in a dark room, suddenly you can see clearly and in detail. Secondly, you start to focus on what it is you want and add emotion to the focus. It becomes something very tangible and you begin to believe that it will happen. Thirdly, as your self belief strengthens your resistance dissolves and you relax into your intent. What you really want. Further creating your vision.

Law of Attraction!

Australian author Rhonda Byrne published her book The Secret in 2012. In her book she talks about the law of attraction forms your life experiences through your thoughts. As you bring your thought into the present moment and visualise it you send that particular vibration from your body out to the universe. In turn this vibration returns to you stronger and clearer.

Psychologists have long been sought after to work using visualisation techniques with elite sporting figures to enhance their performances. Back in the 1960’s famous tennis champion Billie Jean King was an active participant of these techniques that served her well.


In short, Research has found that mental practices such as visualisation are almost as effective as true physical practice. However it has been found that by combining both practices they are more effective than doing either physical or mental practices in isolation.

Brain studies show that thoughts produce the same mental instructions as actions. In effect using visualisation techniques the brain is getting trained in performance. These mental practices develop motivation and increase confidence. Visualisation trains you to achieve your dreams.

So What is the Point?

That is to say in these disruptive times we have a choice? We can chose to drown in the disruption or we can get creative and build an action plan. Project Your Vision of the Future!!

Furthermore, this creates a distraction and space to think and plan for the future. The more we visualise our thoughts, goals and plans the more energy we give to them. As the brain studies show this actually trains our brain to turn thoughts into actions.

Here are some tips to get started on your action plan:-

  1. To clarify, your intent should be to bring everything on your action plan to life
  2. Handwriting your action plan is energetic impact
  3. Identify 5 key areas of your life – for example relationships, career, finances, family, personal and professional growth
  4. Imagine what these areas will look like in the future (your dream)
  5. Translate your thoughts into your action plan and allow it to grow as you develop the plan
  6. Look at your plan every day and update as necessary or at least once every 12 months
  7. It is useful not to clutter your plan so you have  space to add things

On the positive side is it time for you to develop an action plan or refresh your current plan? What are your key items to re-focus and re-invent your year?

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