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Change is Inevitable – The Precursor to Transformation!

Change and Passion

Rock Legend and Lead singer of the Rolling Stones Mick Jagger is a great example of change and transformation. Born in England in 1943 he went on to study business at the London School of Economics whilst dreaming about becoming a journalist. During this time he worked part time as an orderly at a Psychiatric hospital to support his studies. Jagger realised early that change is inevitable – the precursor to transformation!

Dare to Dream

Jagger dreamed about being a journalists! He then found his true passion transforming him into a rock star. He left university without completing his studies or becoming a journalist. Focussing all his energy and passion into his music, forging ahead with a career as a musician.

Transforming his life from a potential journalist into a rock star musician. It changed his life forever. Becoming one of the greatest musicians in history. Eventually awarded a Knighthood from the Queen in 2002 becoming Sir Michael Philip Jagger!

Change Facilitates Growth

Change is inevitable – the precursor to transformation. Whether it be in your personal or professional life. Life is busy, we are “switched on” all the time. Very little “down time”, with an attitude of being busy = achieving outcomes. Too busy to “see” what is really going on. The change is happening insidiously!


Many famous people have transformed from their previous life and reinvented themselves. People such as Jeff Bezos going from banker to being founder of Amazon. 

Giorgio Armani went from studying medicine into the Italian army. Before transitioning into a role selling clothes in a male department store, Finally this inspired him into designing his own clothes before founding his own company.


Each example has some key characteristics:-
– They had a dream, a vision
– Embraced change
– Passion
– Courage
– Self Belief

So Whats the Point?

So what is the point?
It is never to late to make a change. The world is currently being turned upside down. Our lives are now more uncertain than ever before. This could be interpreted as the universe giving you a sign. An opportunity to take control of what you can control.

A nudge to let you know that their are opportunities awaiting you that can change and transform you. In search of a more fulfilling life. That is to say change pushes you to look at things differently. Challenge the status-quo. Expands your mind and thinking processes. Control what you can control and take action!

The world is changing and we are now being “energetically pushed” to morph into a new way of being and doing. A way that will compliment this new decade. To bring harmony and balance to life, career and business.


Another key point, there is a choice? Either to embrace the change or resist it! With this in mind, the change will provide opportunities that will expand your thinking to build on your purpose. Not to mention creating a healthier, happier more confident you. Finally realising what your full potential can be. Supporting a world that is a better place for everyone.

Conversely, resistance will leave you feeling like you are stuck in mud. That is to say you overthink every thought. As a result confidence can erode quickly. Feeling depleted and exhausted is inevitable as your energy is fragmented.

Rather than viewing life as the “glass half full” you become the “glass half empty”. In effect happiness and fulfilment have disappeared! Fear and panic become magnified and stress increases.

Easy Steps!

Try these easy steps to realign:-
Declutter your home, business and mind to create space to think more clearly
– Slow down! less is more so take a look at what is not working in your life right now and make some alterations
– Do a random act of kindness? Being generous can be viewed as a growth strategy. Research show that when we give without any expectation it improves our health by releasing a hormone oxytocin which that dilates blood vessels and reduces blood pressure. It makes us feel happier, stronger with a greater self worth.

So how are you going to prepare for your transformation? To live a full, happy and abundant life that requires grit and determination. Making the decision allows the magic to happen.

Would love to hear your thoughts and how change is affecting your transformation?