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Joyful Leadership Boosts Wellbeing in Tough Times!

Happiness and Joy!

Joy-fullness is a state of happiness, a sense of well-being that comes from within us. It is like the fire in our belly that keeps us warm. A feeling of contentment. Transferring this state outwards is so important now to help others. Joyful leadership boosts wellbeing in tough times.


Recent research has identified that 57% of the Australian population are experiencing stress during this period of social isolation:-
– 77% not seeing their family
– 71% not seeing their friends
– 60% paying bills
– 49% losing their job
– 48% Not feeding their family
– 38% Losing their home

Social Isolation!

We are still in the early stages of social isolation with no indication when these conditions will improve. While, mental health issues will increase the longer this state continues. Let’s try and counteract some of these issues? Joyful leadership boosts wellbeing in tough times!

Consequently, imagine being joyful? It’s like the seeds on a plant, the wind blows the seeds all across the land, they land in the earth and grow to create new vibrant life. 

Be Happy!

Being joyful is described as being in a state of happiness, a sense of well-being that comes from within.

Notably, discussions around happiness began over 2,500 years ago in China, Greece and India. Philosophers Zhuangzi and Aristotle agreed that there were 2 types of happiness, the first type is a craving for material things and the second is a desire for more internal things. To create a balance.

In particular, the buddhist teachings look to a deeper type of happiness. Buddhism is very focused on the mind, and they find that by the individual engaging with the inner self and the reality allows one to achieve deep happiness and well-being. Focussing on mindfulness deters from thoughts of the past or the future but staying present in the here and now.

In fact the practice of mindfulness allows the person to look within and understand who they are and what they desire. The practice enables happiness to flourish by being selfless and kind. Understanding your purpose puts you “in flow”, resistance is gone, thought is effortless and stress reduces.

So leaders who are joyful, have that inner happiness and calm that supports well-being. Energetically this creates momentum so the leader can lead teams and share this level of energy. The leader teaches new ways and the practice of living in the present reducing stress..

So What’s the Point?

The more we take control of what we can control the less stress we may experience in these extraordinary times. Leaders, lead by example so when they are joyful and happy their team will be affected positively. The science shows that when we are happy our health and wellbeing improve.

Here are some strategies to consider increase joy and boost wellbeing:-

  • Be open and honest about how you are feeling. Let you friends, family work colleagues know how you are feeling. Your tribe are able to support you because they care about you
  • Cultivate kindness in a genuine way
  • Keep active and eat well. Try and eliminate preservatives and sugars from your diet and eat more fresh food, fruit and vegetables
  • Find something to do that you are passionate about e.g playing a musical instrument. It is suggested that when you do something you love, you become “in flow”, happy and joyous. Your worries leave you!
  • Find something small everyday that you are grateful for and take a minute to reflect on it

Finally, remember that these tough times will pass. Just hang in there, reach out and ask for help and trust that we will all get through these times.

Reach out, if I can help happy to have a chat?