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Leaders Living in Abundance share Amazing Opportunities!

Why is it that leaders living in abundance share amazing opportunities?

Leaders living in abundance share amazing opportunities! It all starts with our energy flow and mindset! Having a flow of abundance in life requires a reduction of friction points (obstacles). Reducing these friction points creates an agile mindset. Abundance, growth and success follow.

Friction Points!

It got me reflecting to a situation I came across recently when I was in the grocery store. I watched as a mother tried to negotiate with her young child. He was throwing a temper tantrum and the mother was trying to unsuccessfully diffuse the public display.

She was clearly just wanting to get her groceries done and get out of the shop however the child had a different agenda. Tantrums were his speciality!  

Finally the mother relented, picked the child up from the floor, he then chose a toy from the shelf beside him. The mother paid and hastily left the store.

The boy had won and so had the mother. Both for different reasons. She had just reduced one of her friction points.


How many of us can relate to a similar situation? Sometimes we travel the path of least resistance to get us out of a difficult situation. The friction points are often viewed as “too hard” to deal with at that particular time.

Leaders Living in Abundance share Amazing Opportunities! However, leaders who have too many friction points will despair and perhaps even go into overwhelm. Restricting opportunities to achieve abundance.

Friction Leads to Dis-ease!

Friction points can cause a misalignment of body and mind.  Forming dis-ease within the body. Energy is depleted, ease and flow stall. Creating a mis – match of your vision and purpose. Abundance cannot grow or survive in this environment!

It is a bit like defragging your computer. Once cleaned it works faster and more efficiently. You can see what you need more easily. Once you let go of the focus around these points. When you stop expending energy on friction points you can divert your energy to area’s that will serve you better. Space allows abundance to arise!

Flipping this over can reverse the situation. Changing mindset, allows for a more flexible environment and space is available to think. A reset occurs where priorities are reassessed with new goals and visions born.

Amplifying energy creates momentum. Increasing productivity and in turn abundance flows.

This mindset shift allows flexibility that opens to encouraging and sharing. New perspectives gained, information from multiple sources compliment and create a synergistic effect. The process of “thinking outside the box” expands the collective thinking and drives innovation, productivity and results.

The leader becomes “wealthy” by building a life that can be shared with others. By realising that the basic foundation needs to be built is the start of the journey. As author Rowdy McLean stated “any investment in your personal growth, is an investment in your future success”. 

So how can we be this leader who creates wealth on all levels of life? Living in abundance and creating opportunities not only for themselves but others.

Key Ingredients!

There are many ways to create opportunities from abundance. My recipe consists of the following key ingredients: –

1. Know and commit to your vision

2. Support and strengthen your mental, physical and spiritual health

3. Develop your intuition – Listen to your “gut” and build on your instincts

4. Develop an agile mindset – remove limiting belief systems

5. Build your tribe – remember the law of attraction applies here. You will attract what you are looking for so make sure you are clear.

6. Be real – show your team who you really are, engage and connect with them. Foster inclusiveness, creativity and fun.

7. Feel your fear but do it any way

Would love to hear your thoughts?