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Leading in Tough Times!

Leading in Tough Times!

Leading in tough times is what we are all being called to do in these difficult times. Whether it’s leading in your family, with friends, at work or in relationships. Additionally, now is an opportunity to dig deep and explore ways of leading that perhaps had not been on your radar?

It’s a Bit Like!

In effect, it’s a bit like practicing a yoga posture. The deeper you allow your body to go into the posture, the more you relax and let go. The more agile you become as you break down barriers that have been preventing your growth.

So that, as you let go and trust the process as it unfolds you go on an unexplored journey. In fact, revealing vulnerabilities, shedding fear as trust steps in. As a result supports the intuitive leader leading in tough times.

Author Brene Brown, says “staying vulnerable is a risk we have to take if we want to experience connection”. The chaos and fear that COVID-19 has created has forced us to pay attention to what is most important to us. Loosing income, jobs, financial security and access to family and friends has been stripped away from us. However we are connecting with each other on a much more human level. Making time for others albeit through virtual platforms.

Many publications liken our present climate to that of post World War 1 and the great depression. As leaders, we must get some strategies in place to emerge after this pandemic with security and prosperity for our teams. So many aspects are out-with our control but consider what you can control to make a difference?

Intuition Helps in Tough Times!

So let’s look at how your intuition can help leading in tough times?

Some refer to it as your sixth sense, your gut feelings, your inner knowing or just a sense or thought. Intuitive thoughts arise all the time including in business, in personal and professional situations and opportunistic times. Some have even gone as far as to say that intuition is a lost skill as many no longer acknowledge this.

So as a leader in these unusual times a huge opportunity exists to tap into your intuition, your sixth sense. Listening to your gut in combination with your mind will be the key to manoeuvring through this chaos and re-inventing from a heart space.

We are all now getting a sense of what is going on globally as well as in our own life and business. Being guided by our intuition will assist in identifying what we can control and what can be changed in business. This is a pivotal moment that will drive clarity and action. Getting a sense of what is important, relevant and actionable and having the courage to run with it. Be curious!

Become more curious. This will ignite more energy to expand pathways of thinking. Teams will become more crreativitive. Excitement during change creates possibilities that gives hope. Hope is the essential currency in these times.

Intuitive Leaders Have the Edge!

Leaders who engage with their intuition will grow at a deeper level. Why does this happen? Well, when you trust your intuition you are beginning to trust yourself. Trusting yourself requires you to understand who you are. That involves going within and doing internal work to get a deeper meaning.

This creates a cycle of growth as the more you understand who you are the more you trust your intuition and what  you are feeling. The stronger your belief becomes the more courageous and confident you become. Your energy becomes amplified and it becomes infectious. Your team wants to be a part of what you have going on.

Creating a win-win situation as a leader is simple when you develop and trust your intuition. As humans we yearn to trust and believe in ourself consistently. This core element of building and trusting your intuition isn’t taught in management curriculum as yet.

The intuitive leader will be able to create and initiate new ways of intuitive led business . An opportunity to re-invent purposeful and happy teams with longevity.

Starting Point!

So where do you start:
Firstly you have to be open to change and be ready to be the trailblazer as an intuitive industry leader. Be ready to make the change that is required to move forward in a positive and abundant way post COVID-19. This is an amazing opportunity for courageous and insightful leaders to re-invent the meaning of high performing teams.

Step 1 – Start to meditate daily or practice mindfulness. Develop a daily habit of meditating at the same time each day. This discipline strengthens your purpose and outcomes.
Step 2 – Journal your daily intuitive thoughts and make note of how it related to what your current thoughts were and how this could be applied to give you a better outcome
Step 3 – Get yourself an Intuitive Coach to develop a strategy to move forward in an effective way for you and your team

We all have intuitive abilities within us, some have just chosen to place them on hold. Leaders leading in tough times who develop their intuition have a deeper sense of peace, balance, gratitude and accomplishment for all. 

Learn more about intuitive coaching now?