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Is it time to get back on your bike?

Is it time to get back on your bike?

Is it time for you to get back on your bike? As a matter of fact, it was for me. In fact, growing up I was always riding my pushbike and carried that habit into my adult life.

Kids love bikes

When the kids came along, they were taught to ride pushbikes as soon as they were able. Not to mention, most weekend’s we packed a picnic and off we were exploring on our push bikes. That is to say, it was a great family fun activity to do and the bonus was we got out into the fresh air, sunshine, and nature.  In effect, everyone was happy!

Generally speaking, most of us have grown up bike riding at some time. However, settling into family life, juggling careers and business acts as a distraction and you get caught up being too busy. As a result, busyness takes over our life and insidiously the fun things slide out of our life. Our priorities get all out of balance!

” life is like riding a bicycle to keep your balance you must keep moving.” 

Albert Einstein

Time to be brave!

That was how it was for me. For over 20 years I had not been on a pushbike. Just too busy, not enough time, or just too exhausted to even consider going out on my pushbike.
So after Christmas, when all the festivities had finished, I decided it was time to get brave and pump up the tyres and jump back on my pushbike.


In a word, it was a challenge as that little voice in my head kept trying to sabotage me by telling me that I was too old to get back on my pushbike! Lots of excuses popped into my head, however one day I took the plunge and got out on my pushbike.

They say that you never forget how to ride a pushbike! However, I found that I had lost my confidence, I was a bit “wobbly” on my bike and did not feel confident riding on narrow bike paths and trying to safely pass people without losing my balance!

New sense of joy!

Forging ahead on my new mission, I quickly realised the newfound joy I was experiencing being out on my pushbike. Connecting back in with nature and the sunshine. I quickly started looking at my life through a different lens. Permitting myself to have fun again.

Life is like riding a pushbike!

Life can be a bit like getting back on your pushbike. Everyone will have a different experience. Some may go off the track, and some may “wobble”. 

Just like learning to ride a bike, you have to learn how to live a balanced life. Step by step. Remember its journey.

Simplify your life!

In my business, I work with clients to get them to simplify their life and unlock their unique code to access and to own their power, and have more fun.

This foundational support gets them ready to flex and adapt to a decade of change and disruption. Creating a footprint of change both in their own life and business.

Just like there are steps to learn to ride a pushbike, such as starting with training wheels, till you gain your balance and confidence. Similarly, creating a balanced life also requires you to learn along the way step by step. Here are some tips to improve your life and bring in more fun, helping you to step into your power and be your best self with increased energy and vitality to build a rock-solid foundation.

5 Steps: –

  1. Move from being in a state of exhaustion
  2. Go on a journey of self-discovery and identify what is holding you back and rediscover you
  3. Begin to simplify your life, discard “your baggage”
  4. Identify what adds value to your life and manifest what is important for you
  5. Increased clarity boosts confidence and allows healing to occur on all levels.

At this point of your journey, you are unlocking your unique code to access your “superpower”. Ready to flex and adapt to a decade of change and disruption. Making your footprint of change.

Is it time to get back on your bike? Bring some fun and simplicity back into your life?

Love to hear how this resonates with you?