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Stand out in a crowd – own your story!

Where do you sit?

Do you measure and monitor your personal and professional growth? In reality, are you just so busy you feel that you don’t even have time to monitor your growth? Similarly, are you just too exhausted to care? Time to stand out in a crowd – own your story!

Loosing momentum!

You lose your momentum when you get discouraged and you then start to struggle with your professional life. This can be the time when you feel you have to force yourself to do daily tasks and everything just seems to be hard work. Your energy drops and It is usually at this point that fatigue, lethargy, and niggling health issues set in, and your performance declines.

The law of attraction?

For instance, their are many different tools and techniques can be used to keep you on track and moving forward. Of course, one such tool is visualisation. Rhonda Byrnes, author of The Secret talks about the ”law of attraction”. When you focus on what you want, you create this. As a result, what you think about creates your feelings. In effect, what you think and feel today is creating your future. Therefore, when you create a vision board, you focus on what you want, and it transpires into your reality.

To keep your momentum up it’s helpful to have a vision. A focus on what you want and an understanding of how that makes you feel

Vision boards!

2021 is a magical year that is focusing on new beginnings, flexibility, adaptability, transformation, and balance.

Each year I re-create my vision board. It’s a good reminder to measure how far I have come and a simple tool of measurement. You see I place my goals on my vision board and taking the thought out of my head and putting it down on paper creates the energy to bring it to life. As my goal comes to life, I then assign emotions to that goal so that It now becomes tangible and I buy into the experience even more.

This year was a bit different. I wanted to go deeper into my vision board and be able to manifest my goals in a fun way. I wanted to introduce the use of colour, meditation, mirror work, dance, and numerology to build on the energy to manifest my goals.

This process led me to be in a workshop with 15 like-minded women. All these women were looking to increase their energy and awareness to make their vision board come to life in a fun and productive way. We learned the value of understanding the vibration of different colours to enhance the emotions we were drawing on. Having an awareness of colour and numerology helps to bring greater alignment to goals.

When you prepare your vision board, it is important to develop the energy around you to set yourself up to create a vision board that comes to life. This requires you to trust in the process and yourself. The process we discovered in this workshop was very detailed and personalised.

Why do a vision board?

You may find a vision board helpful if you: –
– Want to increase your productivity?
– Want to enhance your career?
– Want to improve your personal life?
– Want to have time to enjoy family and friends?
– Want to get that spark back into your life?
– Want to take the next step in your career but not sure how to make it happen?

If you feel you are ready to stand out in a crowd – own your story! Now is the time to start developing your vision board. Identify and focus on your 9 key areas, abundance, health, spirituality, legacy, purpose, career, relationships, hobbies, and travel. This will help gain clarity and focus on the major areas of your life.

Some tips to create your vision board. Applying the following steps will help take you to your next level. The more energy that you put into your vision the better outcomes you will achieve: –

  1. Firstly, write down the 5 goals you want to achieve for the year
  2. Secondly, write yourself a letter of forgiveness
  3. Thirdly, write yourself a letter of gratitude
  4. Fourthly, now stand up and dance all the emotions that have come up from the above process and dance to a high energy song, and finish up by grounding yourself with a strong yoga warrior pose

By using the “law of attraction” principle in your vision board, assists you to be clear about “your story” and what is important in your life.

Time for you to stand out in a crowd – own your story! Look forward to hearing your story.