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Having fun and making a difference!

Having fun and making a difference!

I can’t believe that it has been 4 years since the Gold Coast hosted the 2018 Commonwealth Games! Having fun and making a difference!

The 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games

Prior to the 2018 games a post appeared on my facebook feed encouraging Gold Coast locals to volunteer for the Commonwealth games. I initially dismissed it but over the next few weeks I saw the same post several times. I realised the universe was trying to tell me something! 

Messages are all around us!

How often do you see the messages but just ignore them?

I decided to take action and sign up to be a medical responder volunteer. I had no idea what that even meant but I cleared my calendar for the 2 weeks of the Commonwealth games.

It was an amazing experience!

A real buzz and so much fun. Meeting amazing volunteers who were also assigned to the volleyball venue and we became besties.

Like attracts like!

We all had a common goal! Supporting our community and showcasing our beautiful part of the world to everyone. It was something really special!

What I didn’t realise until we were on-site was that each venue required a specific number of medical responders each day so that the games could be held for safety reasons!

It was such an honour to be able to support the local community so that we could host these fantastic games.

Some of the highlights for me:

  • Having conversations with random strangers as we all made our way to the venues
  • The energy on the Gold Coast was so friendly, meeting strangers who were all loving the games and the high energy vibe that had created
  • Working with a team of professionals who just put up their hand to help, sharing the workload and having each others back – Our values aligned
  • Being around high energy and humour 
  • Everyone was having fun
  • No one was in a rush
  • People were connecting with each other – the bringing together of community

You know that you have found your tribe when your values align

It all starts with energy!

When we align to our energetic blueprint, we call in like minded people, we become magnetic!

We amplify our energy, we improve our health and gain clarity on what brings us joy!

When we rise, we lift others with us, creating a ripple effect!

The by-products are health, happiness, joy, abundance and success!

Are you ready to improve your health, increase your energy, have fun and create success as you align to your energetic blueprint? Let’s have a chat to see how I can help?